Jeffrey Dahmer (May 21, 1960 – November 28, 1994) was an American serial killer whose crimes and arrest provoked ceaseless controversies as well as an upsurge of interest in serial murder cases, especially in the United States.

In 1968 when Jeffrey Dahmer was at the age of 8, the family moved from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Bath, Ohio.

While many of his schoolmates were listening to music, Jeffrey was busy collecting animal carcasses or road kill and saving the bones. He spent most of his idle time alone, drowning deep in his own fantasies.

Many people thought that Jeffrey’s non-confrontational was a positive attribute, but it turned out to be nothing more than a form of apathy to the real world; a behavior that made him appear somewhat obedient.

Jeffery committed his first murder also in Bath, Ohio when he was 18 years old. His second murder happened 9 years later, and for the next five years he killed 15 more people, mostly boys and young men in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Most of his victims were poor African American, Latino, or Asian.

There are other serial killers who claimed far more victims, but Jeffrey’s crimes were peculiarly gruesome as they involve not just murders, but also necrophilia and cannibalism.

In February 1992, he was sentenced to 15-consecutive life imprisonment; and another life sentence was added later in May for the 1978 murder case. Jeffrey himself ended up as a murder victim of Christopher Scarver, a fellow inmate at Columbia Correctional Institution, Wisconsin.

Jeffrey Dahmer was not the only serial killer with peculiar childhood adversities. Many unfortunate events happened to him when he was just a young boy.

10 Hernia Surgery Was The Most Likely Cause Of His Changed Behaviors

Born on May 21, 1960 to Lionel and Joyce Dahmer, Jeffrey was – from most accounts – an all around active happy toddler. When he was 6 years old (some sources suggest 4 years old), he had to undergo a hernia surgery. Lionel Dahmer claimed that his son noticeably changed after the procedure, from a jubilant social child to a withdrawn uncommunicative boy.

While the procedure was relatively simple (at least from medical perspective), it left an unforgettable mark in a toddler’s mind. It was possible that the surgery made him feel violated, as he did not really understand what he went through at that time. There was a strong sense of distrust toward adults in him after the surgery. His facial expressions became emotionless.

When police officers discovered his crimes in 1991, they found remains of Jeffrey’s murder victims including skulls, hands, and genitals.

Apparently he collected those body parts as souvenirs or trophies. There is now way to tell if the hernia surgery and keeping genitals of murder victims are actually related, but you cannot rule out the possibility either.

9 Joyce Dahmer Had Difficult Pregnancies

When Jeffrey Dahmer was born in 1960, it was still a common practice for expectant women to take non-barbiturate sedative called thalidomide to treat morning sickness. Later it was discovered that the same drug could be associated with birth defects, which resulted in malformed limbs.

The FDA never approved the drug, but many times even banned products (including potentially dangerous medicines) could still find their way to the market as over-the-counter drugs.

Of course we now understand giving drugs to expectant mother is to be avoided, if possible. Even if drugs are necessary, they must be taken under strict supervision by medical professionals.

When Joyce Dahmer was pregnant with Jeffery and his younger brother David, she was prescribed barbiturates and morphine. It was believed that due to the cocktail of drugs during both pregnancies, she consequently suffered from post-partum depression.

While pregnant with David, she would often snap at Jeffrey although eventually she allowed Jeffrey to pick a name for his younger brother. This kind of splintered relationship and maternal alienation and could trigger the sense of distrusting others in Jeffery.

8 A Collection Of Vermin Carcasses

As a young boy, Jeffrey watched his father cleaning out a bunch of mice from under the house. Lionel would then observe his oldest son playing cheerfully with the carcasses; Jeffrey did not even hesitate to juggle with those lifeless bodies of vermin.

It appeared at that time that Jeffrey particularly liked the clinking sound of the carcasses when he played with them. His father did not give it a second thought and just saw the event as a typical playful behavior of a small boy.

There is nothing strange about small children playing with small animals. Parents and other people may feel bad for the animals and get angry at the kids because the way they play appears to be torturous for the animals; sometimes kids set firecrackers on frogs or torch an army of ants.

Most children outgrow the behavior soon enough without causing any problem at all. In the case of Jeffrey Dahmer, however, the tendency never went away. Police found human bones and body parts in his closet when he was arrested.

7 Victim Of Child M*lestation

Jeffery Dahmer was m*lested when he was 8 year old by a neighbor boy. This event was confirmed by his father, although Jeffrey claimed he had no recollection of it ever happening. It is not uncommon for boys who have been m*lested to grow into adulthood without experiencing deep meaningful romantic relationship of any sort.

Jeffrey was no exception; he did not have such experience throughout his life. That being said, he was obsessed with his male victims and turning them into compliant lifeless bodies for his s*xual pleasure anytime he wanted it.

About ten years after the event (possibly) happened, Jeffrey killed his first victim in Bath, Ohio. The victim was a hitchhiker named Steven Hicks, whom Jeffrey seduced and lured home. He offered Hicks to come and drink beer with him, and Hicks approved.

After spending time with Jeffrey, Hicks wanted to leave but it made Jeffrey mad. Jeffrey struck Hick’s head with a dumbbell and strangled him to death. Jeffrey then dismembered Hick’s body and scattered the remains. Jeffrey said he did not want Hick to leave him.

6 A Collection Of Animal Bones And Roadkill

Eric Tyson, a former neighbor of Jeffrey’s, said that Jeffrey had a little graveyard to bury animals. There were skulls attached to the top of little crosses, too.

Tyson also claimed that Jeffrey had a pretty sizeable collection of skeletons. A classmate said Jeffery also had a habit of collecting stuffed animals such as rabbits, birds, and owls. When this classmate asked Jeffrey about the taxidermy, Jeffrey said he always wanted to do the same thing to a human.

From many accounts and reports, Jeffrey killed family pets; whether or not this is true, Jeffrey actually was an animal lover, at least in some point of his life.

In fact, there has never been rock-solid evidence to proof Jeffrey ever did any harm to family pets. He once nurtured an injured baby bird back to health and released the bird to nature. But then again, Jeffrey was also known to enjoy seeking out and collecting roadkill just to dismember the bodies.

5 Bleached Animal Bones

Over a family meal of chicken, Jeffrey asked his father what would happen if chicken bones were to be soaked in bleach solution. At this stage of Jeffrey’s life, his father had achieved a degree in chemistry and obtained employment as analytical chemist in Akron, Ohio.

Lionel did not have suspicious mind back then, and as a matter of fact he was happy to see his son displaying a sign of scientific curiosity. He demonstrated how to bleach and preserve animal bones safely. Jeffrey would use the knowledge to preserve bones of roadkill and other animals he found.

Apparently Jeffrey applied the same treatment to some of his murder victims as well. He often injected acid to his victims’ brains (while they were still alive) in the hope of transforming them into compliant zombies.

Among the total of seven skulls found in his bedroom closet in 1991, some were painted and others bleached. Jeffrey accidentally destroyed (exploded) the skull of one of his victims, Edward Smith, following an unsuccessful attempt at preserving the bones using bleaching solution.

4 Chalk Outlines Of Bodies In Front Of His Class

Known as drunk and prankster, Jeffery’s behavior could be weirdly cryptic even at school. At one time, he drew chalk outlines of an imaginary body on the floor in front of his high school classroom.

Jeffery started drinking at the age of 13. One of his classmates observed him taking a cup of gin in class, and asked him why he did that. His answer was simple, saying that the gin was his medicine. Despite being mostly uncommunicative, Jeffrey was regarded as a polite and highly intelligent student.

It was not clear if he drew the chalk outline in front of his class while he was drunk. His prank was eventually discovered and in the photo his face was blurred. Classmates say Jeffrey was a strange boy, but they did not realize the scale of his gruesome fantasies until he made the drawing.

After Dahmer had been arrested, a high school friend said they had a fan club for Dahmer at school, which would encourage the often-drunk Dahmer to pull pranks.

3 A Dog’s Head Mounted To A Stake

Jeffrey began collecting roadkill and animal carcasses when he was 8 years old. He would also impale frogs on a stick, and preserved insects in jars.

Then he started to grow interest to the inside of the animal bodies, and so he dismembered them. At the age of 15, his peculiar hobby also grew with him; instead of collecting the bodies of dead animals, Jeffrey took it to the next level and actually killed the animals he was about to collect and preserve.

It was also around the same time that he put a decapitated and severed head of a dog on a stake. Many reports suggest the dog was a family pet, but once again there is no evidence of the claim.

It was a dog alright, but whether or not the dog was the family pet remains a mystery. Some accounts said Jeffrey took a plastic bag around in his pocket so he could gather specimens to study (more likely dismember and bleach).

2 Divorced Parents

Jeffrey grew up in a home where his parents were almost constantly fighting. After Jeffrey graduated from high school, his parents finally divorced. Because he was 18 years old at that time, neither his father nor his mother attempted to gain custody of their oldest son.

At the same time, his parents were both struggling to gain custody of his younger brother, David, who at that time was still 12 years old. When the parents eventually moved out of the family home, Jeffrey was left alone. Bear in mind that when he was 18, Jeffrey committed his first murder.

Even when they were still living together, Jeffrey never really bonded with David. He was six years old when his little brother was born, and some teachers said Jeffrey seemed to feel neglected.

Jeffrey never demonstrated hostility toward David, but there was always indifference. The divorce of his parents later became the breaking point for 18 years-old Jeffrey Dahmer.

1 Murder Fantasy At 14

Jeffrey took his first victim when he was 18 years old, but he began fantasizing about murder much earlier. He claimed to have his first homos*xual experience at the age of 14, and at this time he also entertained the thought of necrophilia.

He once said that the true goal of every murder he did was not to kill his victims, but to preserve their bodies, so he could do whatever he needed anytime.

According to people close to him, Jeffrey never had any meaningful romantic relationship. However, it must be noted that Jeffrey actually went to a senior prom with a female classmate; this happened just few months before he started his killing spree.

Some believe that his homos*xual desires made him feel conflicted inside, leading to a great discomfort that forced him to kill his victims after engaging in s*xual activities with them. He said he had not engaged in any s*xual act with Steven Hicks prior to killing him. After his conviction, Jeffrey was believed to show no sign of regret or guilt.

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