A woman in the UK lied about being raped 15 times.

Each time, up until the last time, she got away with it, and in many cases, was compensated with legal and distress fees over it, while the men she accused, some without any evidence, were fined or sentenced to jail time.

Their lives were destroyed, and even at the end of it all, when she was denied an appeal for her sentence, she claimed to be the real victim of it all.

Jemma Beale’s ludicrous saga of injustice began around 2010, sometime before the significant mainstream presence of the #MeToo movement, which put a highlight on sexual indiscretion in many workplaces, specifically Hollywood.

The environment for talking about sexual assault has been a hotbed ever since, but Jemma Beale made it even worse.

She was convicted in 2017, but not after inflicting a lifetime of pain on her victims.


10 /10 About The Real Offender

Jemma Beale is a very overweight woman who identifies as a lesbian from Bedford in London.

As defined by the judges who presided over the eventual case against her, her personality described her as “manipulative,” which was conferred not just through evidence but also through corroboration of one of her ex-girlfriends that knew about it for years before telling anyone. Her lies ran deep and put many men’s lives on hold at best and in danger at worst.

Metropolitan Police

9 /10 Mahad Cassim

The first report she made in 2010 was against a man named Mahad Cassim. She complained that he groped and assaulted her the day before.

Mr. Cassim spent seven years in jail over the false claims before his charges were finally dismissed, and he was released, but not without the trauma of the event hanging over him.

His eventual dismissal came during the 2017 trial, where Jemma was found guilty of lying, seven years too late.

8 /10 Noam Shahzad

After her first successful lie, she then alleged claims against a man named Noam Shahzad, even further fabricated that a group of men assisted him that she had to fight off. She was found to have self-inflicted injuries to make her story more believable.

Surveillance footage on a CCTV showed her attacking him in retreat from a car park where she claimed the attack took place—once charged. Mr. Shahzad fled the country out of fear of persecution.

7 /10 Luke Williams

Her third major case was against a man named Luke Williams. Her claims became much more improbably, as she claimed she was taken and passed around to a group of men with him in the leading role.

Luke was interviewed by authorities but never charged like the other men were, and the group of men Jemma claimed had raped her were also never positively identified.

6 /10 Anonymous Gangs

Her claims regarding anonymous multi-person gang rapes were less substantiated than the allegations made against single individuals.

She accused six men overall in 2013 and additionally accused more men of the same group activity over more time.

She continued to keep up her lie against random men until the police started to open up investigations. At that point, she went quiet and seemed to slow down with her lies.

Either the rapes miraculously stopped when the police started investigating, or she was beginning to feel the heat come down on her at last.

5 /10 Sam Pritchard

Sam Pritchard, the mother of Jemma’s then-girlfriend Anuksha, served as the beginning of Jemma’s downfall. She was the first to see through Jemma’s blatant lies.

Jemma responded to texts telling her she shouldn’t brag about getting raped with hateful and abusive, threatening language.

Sam was also sent a police warning instructing her not to “harass” Jemma further as if they believed whatever she said without consulting anyone else.

When police did show up at her door in 2014, it wasn’t to arrest her like Jemma may have hoped. Instead, they wanted to ask her about fraudulent claims.


4 /10 Last Leg Of Innocence

Jemma was charged with perjury and perverting the course of justice in 2017, marking the end of her affair against justice.

The evidence brought forward, from statements and collected forensic proof, was overwhelmingly against her.

Once the truth was discovered, she was sentenced to ten years in prison. In some eyes, it was nothing compared to what she put others through up to that point.

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3 /10 Green-Eyed Monster

Part of the defense case towards the end of the trials was that Beale’s actions were spurred to make her partner jealous.

At the time, her partner, Anuska Pritchard, spoke out that the whole thing was a lie, and she was unwittingly made a part of it.

Beale instructed her to speak in her defense at the hearing of Mr. Cassim and told by Beale herself that it was all made up for the money. She also revealed that Jemma Beale was abusive and emotionally manipulative.

After four years together, combined with the guilt of what she’d done, she left Jemma and helped put the case together that brought justice to the liar.

2 /10 Failure To Appeal

Despite being sentenced to ten years, Jemma attempted to appeal the charges to evade her stated prison time.

Her defense was that the documentation and publicity had already damaged her and the credibility upon which the judges could rule.

The reason also alleged that the judges failed to bring up the “myths and stereotypes” to the jury to guide their unbiased direction.

Still, the primary judge behind the ruling was evident in her adjudication that Beale was not trustworthy.

1 /10 An Exception To The Rule Of Law

Jemma Beale is one of the most high profile cases of false rape accusations, not just for the quantity but for the drastic number of instances she reported.

Once the truth came to light, those she hurt were already injured and any further compensation to seek, as victims, was out of their minds.

They just wanted to get back to their lives, but there are still people who believe her only because she could have been a victim. She damaged the trust behind the justice system that was meant to defend real victims by pretending to be one.

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