8 Building Back

Gacy endured his sentence as a model prisoner until he was released on probation. Starting from 1970, he moved back to Chicago with his mother, and they started living in the house, which would become the gravesite of his many future murders.

It became a center point of his community, and he was well-liked for a while. Gacy started a construction company when his probation ended and primarily hired high-school-age boys who he later preyed upon.

7 Under The Makeup

Gacy admitted to as many as 33 murders, all young men and boys. His tactic was usually to lure them into his house or his car under the promise of a good time.

Then, he would knock them out with chloroform or use alcohol and other drugs. He killed whoever went with him.

Homeless boys, prostitutes, and sometimes his employees who he knew would not be searched for very long. He buried 26 bodies under the floorboards of his house, where they laid for years as his murder spree persisted.


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