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8 /10 Four Marriages And One More

Neither helped her with the repeated abuse that she suffered from some of her husbands. Her third husband, Sid Luft, forced her to commit an abortion during her youth to maintain her public image as a young girl.

In 1963 she finally divorced him; she married Mark Herron two years later, in 1965, who also abused her physically and mentally (though Herron claimed only to have hit her in self-defense).

She would then divorce him in 1969, only to marry that same year then ten-years-younger Mickey Deans, a nightclub owner. The absence of a long-time loving, caring partner did nothing but enable her to spiral out of control with each failed marriage.

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7 /10 The Judy Garland Show

Already severely financially strained in 1963, Garland attempted to make some extra income from accepting an offer from CBS to produce a television series, which would be entitled The Judy Garland Show.

Though critically praised, this show proved to be insufficient to revive her career, which by this time was languishing severely in comparison with her early success of the 1930s and 1940s.

Unable to compete with other, far more successful shows as BonanzaThe Judy Garland Show was canceled after just one season in 1964.


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