The Kardashians are no strangers to scandals with regard to their appearances, relationships, and business dealings.

All the controversies over the years would have made any other family disappear from public attentions, but for the Kardashians scandal only made them closer to the spotlight.

Even if you belong to the group who simply just don’t get the appeal of following the family’s day-in and day-out lifestyle, it is hard to deny that Kardashians have large base of devoted fans.

Chances are you have seen your fair share of unflattering news about every single member of the family and perhaps you also hope that some bad news will make them go away. Again, this is not the case with the Kardashians.

There are dozens of online photos and videos about the unfavorable sides of the family.

The stories behind the following images do not particularly picture the most glamorous portion of their well-publicized life, and they would take them back if they could.

10 Being Compared To “The Penguin”

Pregnancy does not suit Kim Kardashian well.

She already has a voluptuous body, and so being pregnant will showcase that, and then some.

During her appearance to support her husband for the 2015 VMA, she hit the red carpet pregnant wearing an eye-popping laced dress.

It wasn’t pretty, anybody could agree.

Captured from the right (or wrong) angle, her rear-part actually looked bigger than the belly, which was quite staggering for a pregnant woman.

Even now it is not difficult to compare her look with that of The Penguin from Batman Returns movie.

9 Squeezing In Shoes

For just about any woman living in the real world, being pregnant means having to give up on trying to look as if she is the most stylish person ever, at least temporarily.

But then again Kim is not any woman. Even during pregnancy, she never stopped attempting to appear as glamorous as she possible could, although this effort did not turn out well.

When other women would choose the most comfortable outfit, Kim would choose style over anything. It did not matter if she had swollen feet.

8 Showing-Off Her Cellulite

You can’t help but notice how Kanye was being protective from the way he looked at the photographer in this photo.

You can’t blame him either because Kim was practically showing off a sizeable portion of her goodies; whether or not she realized, her cellulite was included. It wasn’t clearly visible at first, but of course some people just clicked the Zoom button and voila.

For a person obsessed about how she looks in public, having cellulite and accidentally showing it off to the world would be an embarrassment.

It wouldn’t be a big deal if you’re not a Kardashian, but it is Kim we’re talking about here.

7 Transparent Leggings

There were instances when Kim showed up wearing see-through legging like it was no big deal.

In most cases, such bombshell appearances were deliberate, meaning she made the necessary preparation and did the makeup well for the public to see.

But it wasn’t always on purpose; in this photo Kim was wearing a transparent legging that just showed everything underneath.

Now everybody has had full view of her backside in the most unflattering way.

The implants were apparent; all denials of having received such procedure would sound ridiculously defensive now.

6 The Before And After

You have heard for too many times about how Kim Kardashians said that her transformation over the years under the spotlight were “natural” for the most part.

She is a beautiful woman now, with a body that most women could only dream of.

One thing is certain: Kim was not born that way. Until now she keeps insisting on having received “only” Botox treatment to keep the youthful glow, in spite of evident to the contrary.

Perhaps Kim thinks that everything is “natural” as long as you have the money to pay for it.

5 Paris Hilton’s Accessory

To be popular, you have to start somewhere. For Kim, the best place to start is right next to Paris Hilton. Back in the day, Kim was popularly known for her professional closet-organizational approach among the rich and famous. She even once said that she had to organize Hilton’s closet based on the colors of her wardrobe.

Kim also offered styling advices for Hilton, especially concerning what outfits to buy and get rid of. Now we realized that Kim was desperate to be in the spotlight that she didn’t mind Hilton dragging her all along like a permanent accessory.

4 The Tape

It is unfortunate that we get to the point where celebrities feel the need to record a s*x tape and release it to the public just have the taste of fame.

Rumors have it that the release of Kim and her ex-boyfriend Ray J. s*x tape was a deliberate move and that her mother took part in the scheme.

Whether or Kim was involved, the recording showed her s*xual preferences in pretty good detail.

Now that the tape has spread all over the Internet, Kim knew her legacy will be somewhat safe in the cloud for the foreseeable future.

3 Kylie’s Transformation

Kim is indeed the most popular Kardashian, but she is not the only one in the family. But much like Kim, her sister Kylie is not without controversies of her own making.

Perhaps encouraged to become as popular as her older sister, she turned to plastic surgeries to look like her.

At the beginning she barely received any publication and so she was determined to begin her transformation. The most irritating part is not that she looks like Kim now, but the way she claimed everything just happened naturally.

2 Khloe And Her Denim Factory

In case you haven’t heard, Khloe Kardashian owns a denim line called “Good American.” As a marketing effort, she used Snapchat app to send a photo showing the inside of the factory to the world. It did not go well.

Instead of receiving warm welcome from fans, she was blamed for the fact that the factory looked more like a sweatshop than a production facility.

It created quite an argument on Twitter, but she was quick to defend herself by stating that all workers are employed in LA. It was not really a relevant thing to say.

1 Kris Jenner’s Big Lips

The maternal figure of the family, Kris Jenner, is responsible for bringing the family to fame and probably the world of plastic surgery.

At least one photo displayed how Jenner’s lips looks so unnaturally hers, which led to a speculation that it was a reaction to Botox treatment.

If this happened to you after a cosmetic procedure, you should stop right away and try to undo the damage.

But this is Kris Jenner, so it is safe to assume that she simply took another cosmetic procedure to repair the damage.

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