Only one day later, Watts (33) was arrested on suspicion of murdering his family. His wife, Shannan was 34 years old and pregnant with their unborn son. They also had two daughters, Bella (4) and Celeste (3).

As if Watts’ slaughter of his family was not horrendous enough, this case has become even more bizarre. 

Despite confessing to the murders of his wife and children, Watts has been receiving love letters from fans while he is in prison.

They are from women who have become obsessed with him. To any rational human being, a murderer attracting this kind of attention from strangers is impossible to understand.

HuffPost has reported that documentation relating to the case was released due to a Freedom of Information Act request.

There were thousands of notes on the case, including photos of the crime scene, as well as the letters that had been sent to Watts.

Snippets from the love letters are mindboggling considering that Watts confessed to the murders.

A 39-year-old woman from Colorado told him, “I want to get to know you soooo bad its not even funny.”

She also proclaimed that she would be the happiest girl alive if he responded to her letter.

She is convinced of his innocence regardless of his testimony.

Here is a copy of the hashtags included in her letter: #TEAMCHRIS, #CHRISISINNOCENT, #LOVEHIM, and #SOOOOCUTE.

Starting from the time that he was awaiting trial for the atrocious crimes, Watts began receiving letters from these crazed supporters.

A woman named Candace wrote, “In my heart, you are a great guy,” and he also got messages of support from another woman saying, “I’m hoping to brighten your days.” What could have motivated this outpouring of affection for a cold-blooded murderer?

What drove this idea of a “connection” with Chris Watts that these women were experiencing?

What can we learn about their mental states from their protestations of fondness for him?

What was the woman, who sent him a photo of herself posing in a bikini, thinking concerning this despicable killer?

Devotion For A Man Who Killed His Whole Family?

In court, on November 6, Chris Watts pleaded guilty to the first-degree murder of his wife and two daughters, as well as the unlawful termination of a pregnancy, and tampering with a deceased human body.

It is impossible to understand how this could encourage any feelings other than revulsion.

However, for some women, the sight of him in the courtroom inspired feelings of love and attraction.

Watts received five life sentences for the murders of his wife and daughters.

He avoided the death penalty by accepting a plea bargain if he confessed to the crimes.

As he announced the punishment for Watts, the judge added, “The man seated to my right smothered his daughters.”

He also went on to describe how Watts ditched the girls’ bodies in old oil tanks and buried his wife’s body in the same vicinity.

The Weld County District Attorney, Michael Rouke, revealed these details about the sentencing.

Most Inhumane And Vicious Crime

According to the New York Times, the judge who presided over the case called this “perhaps the most inhumane and vicious crime I have handled out of the thousands of cases that I have seen.”

Incredibly, even the revelation of these grisly details does not seem to deter the women who have been sending him love letters in prison.

This is a common phenomenon and is well documented by psychologists. 

Far From Unusual

The phenomenon is known by the Greek term Hybristophilia and, astonishingly, it is not a new trend.

It occurs when a person develops s*xual feelings for someone who has committed an abhorrent crime, such as murder.

There have even been extreme cases when the women have married the convicted criminal in a prison wedding service.

Judy Ho, who is a host on the television program Face the Truth, and a qualified psychologist, says that it is not unusual for convicted murderers to attract the attention of these adoring “fans.”

It seems that regardless of the depravity of their crimes, these women cannot resist the charms of a “bad boy.”

It appears that they have some misguided belief that they can reform these men and be seen as their savior.

Other reasons for this fixation have been considered:

  • Some women picture the murder as he was as a boy and have an urge to nurture him
  • Attaining celebrity status by proxy is another suggested motivation
  • Having a “fantasy” relationship is fulfilling for some women because she knows exactly where he is at all times and does not have to deal with the mundane part of a normal relationship

With Christopher Watts sentenced to a lifetime in prison, there is no chance that he will be able to take advantage of the offers made by these adoring women. There is also little chance of a real relationship developing.

Some psychologists believe that women who fall in love with convicted murderers are influenced by evolutionary psychology because these alpha males are attractive to women.

Deep down they may be looking for a dominant man who will protect them, despite this being far from the truth.

The prisoner might have become a sadomasochistic fantasy for these affected women.

This could have been induced by watching TV crime series, for example.

The less chance of actually meeting the criminal, the stronger the attraction.

Katherine Pier, a resident psychiatrist at the University of California explained this in a report for The Washington Post.

Flirting With Danger

For the thrill-seeking women, it is a way of dallying with danger while there is no risk to them at all because the criminal is incarcerated.

Research shows that the women who write fan mail to convicted criminals have often been victims of abuse.

By making advances towards a man behind bars, they believe that they are now in a position of power and control.

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