Chrystul Kizer, a teenager, could be sentenced to life in prison for killing her s*x trafficker.

Chrystul’s case has garnered controversy and the attention of human rights activists and pressure groups globally.

Her case comes at a time when police and prosecutors across the country are reevaluating how victims of s*x trafficking should be treated, and luckily for Chrystul, the attention this case has received in the media helped raise money for her bail “so she can continue fighting her case from outside of a cage.”

Although Chrystul Kizer, who is now 19, was released on bail, she still faces charges of arson and first-degree intentional homicide, which are punishable by a mandatory life sentence.

Trafficked For S*x

Chrystul initially claimed that she met Volar at a bus stop, but later, she confessed she met him after he responded to an advertisement she had posted on a website “”

According to her, she was introduced to the website by a girl she knew when she needed money for snacks and school notebooks.

Although she was 16 when she signed up on the website, she told the 33-year-old Randy Volar, who was the first to respond to her ad that she was 19.

“At first, I was nervous, but I told him okay.”

Before long, Chrystul was seeing Volar weekly. She revealed that Volar was always complimenting her colorful wigs, her brown eyes, and her 104-pound body. He took her on dates and let her order steak. He got her a phone, bought her a heart-shaped locket, and let her drive his cars.

She didn’t need to “advertise” herself on again, as he always took her shopping and gave her cash she could share with her sisters, sometimes $500 at a time. She knew what Volar expected in return. But she didn’t think it was wrong. “He was the only friend that I actually had,” she said.

As time went on, Chrystul’s relationship with Volar became more intense, and he became more controlling and aggressive with her. Eventually, Volar began trafficking young Chrystul and taking the money that she made with her other clients to prevent her from gaining any type of independence from him.

During his encounters with her, he was running a hidden camera and collecting the footage. But she wasn’t the only one as there were reportedly dozens of other children that he was doing this with as well, some as young as 12.

However, it is likely that he met these other children under different circumstances. In February 2018, police arrested Volar on charges including child s*xual assault. But Volar spent only one night in prison before he was quickly released without bail.

Mountains of evidence were also uncovered from Volar’s home by the police. This includes a large cache of videos that showed him abusing several children on camera, which Chrystul was reportedly among the victims.

She, however, denied knowing about the other girls, Volar’s arrest, or the videos confiscated by police. She said she didn’t know Volar filmed her.

Chrystul also asserts that Volar knew her real age because he invited her to his house to celebrate her 17th birthday in the summer of 2017.

“He had bought me cupcakes, and he gave me this new drug I had never heard about called acid. It made me feel weird.”

A few weeks after her 17th birthday, Chrystul was arrested. Milwaukee police claimed she was driving a car that her brother had allegedly stolen when they tried to pull her over.

She, however, sped away, then ran on foot. She was charged with fleeing an officer. In Wisconsin, 17-year-olds are charged as adults.

After 55 days in jail, her bond was reduced to $400, which was paid in full by Volar. According to her, Volar demanded specific s*x acts he wanted in return for bailing her. Chrystul said:

“I told him that I never wanted to do that, but he said that I had to owe him that.”

In a bid to cut Volar out of her life, Chrystul moved in with her abusive lover, Nelson. Chrystul claimed that she told Volar she wanted to get serious with Nelson, so she couldn’t see him anymore. She said:

“He had started to talk violent and stuff, I was going to stop talking to him, and he said if I did that he was going to kill me.”

Volar remained free for three months, even after police discovered evidence that he was abusing about a dozen underage black girls.

Until Chrystul, then 17, went to his house one night in June and allegedly shot him twice in the head. According to reports, she lit his body on fire and fled in his car.

Events Leading To Chrystul’s Arrest

After his infamous death, Police combed the house for evidence.

They found alcohol bottles on the floor, multiple hotel room keys, and credit card records showed that the night before, he paid for an Uber from Milwaukee to his home.

The Uber driver told police he had given a ride to a short black girl named “Chrystal.” Neighbors reported that there was usually a BMW in Volar’s driveway.

The car was found abandoned in Milwaukee. A receipt inside the car led police to a Family Dollar store, where security footage revealed that four teens had driven the BMW. One of them said he had a sister named Chrystul Kizer.

Police found her Facebook page, filled with photos of a slender girl who wore long, colorful wigs. On the night she killed Volar, Chrystul posted a selfie at 3:10 AM.

Behind her were curtains detectives recognized from Volar’s house. The caption: “My Mug Shot.” Three days later, Chrystul live-streamed on Facebook, where she showed off a gun, talked about giving her brother a BMW, and told her 20-year-old boyfriend, Delane Nelson, “I don’t want to shoot anybody else.”

The next morning, police drove a battering ram into Nelson’s front door.They found Chrystul inside with a shower cap on her head as they placed zip ties around her wrists and escorted into a squad car.

19-Year-Old Chrystul Charged With Arson And First-Degree Intentional Homicide

A few days after her arrest, Chrystul confessed.

Michael Graveley, District Attorney whose office had evidence against Volar but waited to prosecute him, charged Chrystul with arson and first-degree intentional homicide, an offense that carries a mandatory life sentence in Wisconsin.

Graveley averred that Chrystul’s crime was premeditated. He argued that she planned to murder Volar so she could steal his BMW with the aid of her brothers.

However, while speaking publicly from jail for the first time, Chrystul maintained that she was defending herself from her abuser. She claims Volar pinned her to the floor after she refused to have s*x with him that night. She said:

“I didn’t intentionally try to do this.”

Chrystul’s story, along with the downfall of financier Jeffrey Epstein and singer R. Kelly, reveals what most child s*x trafficking actually looks like in America: vulnerable kids, not kidnapped and held captive, not chained and smuggled across borders, but groomed and manipulated by someone they trust.

Hope For Chrystul

Under federal law, all children who are bought or sold for s*x are trafficking victims, regardless of the circumstances. Thirty states and the District have stopped charging minors with prostitution.

Most states also have a law that gives s*x-trafficking victims an “affirmative defense.” If they can prove at trial they committed a crime because they were being trafficked, they can be acquitted of certain charges against them.

Wisconsin is one of those states — and Chrystul wanted to use that law to defend her actions. Despite prosecutors’ certainty that her crime was premeditated, her lawyer argues she still has a complete defense to the charges.

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