8 /10 There And Back Again

Mary assumed a position as a domestic worker, primarily as a nanny for affluent New York City families. She lived with her sister to help share the living expenses.

They were poor, but the poor of the United States was comparatively far better than being poor in Scotland.

She did frequently return to Scotland over the years and applied for the appropriate visa to do so, and continued to keep her heritage significant in her life.

MediaPunch Inc / Alamy Stock Photo

7 /10 Meeting Fred

In the mid-30s, Mary’s sister brought her to a party where she met the real estate developer Fred Trump.

She reported back home shortly after to declare she’d met her future husband, so they started very well. They married in 1936 in Manhattan and initially settled with Fred’s mother in the Jamaica neighborhood of Queens.

The family had high upward mobility and sharply rose into prominence in the real estate world.


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