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8 /10 The Changing Of The Guard

At the request of Oliver Cromwell, the General who led a conquest over the Irish islands, the Loftus Family seized the house. That is where its current infamous name began.

They took up residence in 1666, which already is an ominous year. They are the source of the word and the root of its most incredible mystery and legend.

Once they moved in, the mansion remained mostly peaceful and out of the way until a happening took place that cursed it forever.

7 /10 The Tottenham Family

While the Loftus Family owned the mansion, a man married into the family to formally own and inherit it, named Charles Tottenham, in 1752.

He married Anne Loftus, and together they had six children. Among them were two daughters, Elizabeth and Anne Jr.

Unfortunately, Lady Anne died of sickness, and two years later, Charles remarried his cousin Jane to provide support for the family and help raise the girls. Once again, the house was visited by loss, but it would not be his lordship’s most famous visit.


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