The story of a woman who ended up in prison after avenging her husband’s death and wound up with the title of a criminal queen. Crime rings amongst women seem to only be in movies, but in reality, they exist in real life as well.

The story of Pupetta is among the lady bosses’ horrific killings as she was a woman in the 1950s from Italy who assassinated her husband. The boss killer was a daughter to the mob.

The Life Story Of Pupetta Maresca

Pupetta Assunta Maresca was an Italian beauty born in 1935 to an Italian family in Castellammare di Stabia.

The woman was a firecracker and lived in Naples, where the criminal cases were prevalent. The region was home to several targeted crimes.

Up to date, the Italian mafia is known to run the targeted streets when it comes to crime.

The Beauty And Crime Queen Was As Fearsome As Her Beauty

The life of Assunta took a huge turn all of a sudden because everything seemed normal at first. Many called her Puppeta or little because her looks were incredible and deceiving.

The lady being raised in a neighborhood full of criminals, we can say she had learned the skills. Her dad’s name was Maresca Vincenzo, a leading criminal boss leading many felonies, and he was in and out of prison regularly.

Maresca’s family was known as the lampitelli due to their skills of lightning-quick knives the whole family.

Despite the age of baby Maresca, she already had the skills and was once expelled from school after drawing a knife to her classmate. Maresca’s family was ever in the spotlight, and she even won a beauty pageant at nineteen years.

That was when she caught the attention of a man who won her heart and sealed her fate. He was called Pasquale Simonetti, who lived near Naples in a nearby town.

The man was reported to have been a smuggler of goods inside the town and distributed them to other towns nearby.

He was not like Maresca senior, the owner of the princess he wanted to marry, but we can say they had a lot in common. After a while, Simonetti was sent to prison, but there was a wedding after the happenings.

The wedding was flocked with masses of people, and it was a splashy and big event. However, this couple’s happiness ended sooner than expected.

The Revenge Killing Of Pupetta Maresca

After the wedding was over, Pupetta became pregnant, and his husband’s business wasn’t making sensible profits. The events of people dubbing her husband pissed her off and got her in trouble, mostly in the marketplace.

Later, In 1955, a hitman was hired by Esposito to kill his rival, and in the process, Simonetti died.

The news hit pipette hard as she just had her first pregnancy and was a widow already. The grief gave her a lot of violence, and she got threats from Esposito too.

She had to protect herself and the baby, so she decided to destroy the man who killed her husband.

The vengeance turned her to a monster, and she felt bad when Esposito showed up at the gravesite of Pasquale. Her brother and Ciro tracked down the man and fired 29 shots at Esposito in the daylight.

These events made Pupetta Maresca a media public figure immediately, and her beauty captivated the press. The 1959 trial was filled with people who had come to see her as she was nicknamed the crime diva.

She was also a talented painter as she painted her portrait while pregnant, but she looked sympathetic to the portrait.

The only thing she wanted was justice for her husband’s death, and she started publicly that she didn’t regret killing Esposito. She said that when given a chance, she would kill him over and over again.

During her trial, she even said that Esposito wanted to kill her, and her safety was compromised.

She was now the new celebrity, and she had been the new popular gangster in Italy, especially because she was a woman. A pregnant woman conducting mass killings was the news in town.

The court was carefully giving attention to the case before giving a final verdict. The woman delivered, and she gave birth to a baby boy whom she named little Pasquale or Pasqualino.

The jury didn’t give her the lenient understanding of how the killing was self defense, so she was given fourteen years imprisonment.

Her Life After Jail

After going to jail for fourteen years, pipette had a turn of events that changed her, and she became a woman of honor in society.

The woman became charismatic, and she brought up her son while in prison for a while, then her mother took his grandson home.

She kept on working even harder during her imprisonment, and later on, she was released from prison. After imprisonment, she went back to the crime society and ended up linking up with a man called Ammaturo.

Ammaturo was a dangerous man in their society and a terrific criminal. They became partners in committing crimes.

The marital relationship between the two ended up not long after they had started clicking; we can say she had bad luck with relationships.

Later, Pasqualino was killed in 1974, and Pupetta suspected her new husband Ammaturo as the criminal behind the murder.

The statement she gave after her son’s death was a confession saying how she thought her new husband hated Pasqualino. She said how she thought he would be capable of killing her only son and the authorities collected evidence.

The press started digging into the story, and Pupptta said how her husband was violent and would get abusive.

Later on, there were rampant killings in the community, and life went on for Pupetta. Despite having a husband in prisons, she was strong enough, and her husband later escaped prison.

The life of this family is told since then up to today. To date, she is still among the popular Italians in crime stories.

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