The serial killed in California who was sought by the police for over forty years, married Sharon Marie Huddle, a lawyer.

The couple was still together even when Joseph committed homicide that killed dozens of people.

The state serial killer lived under the same roof with the lawyer as his wife, but it was unclear if the wife knew that Joseph was a serial killer.

The press, as usual, had to follow up on the interviews of the wife. However, the wife said she would love her privacy, and the press should leave her family alone.

She quoted, “My thoughts and prayers are for the victims and their families. The press has relentlessly pursued interviews of me.

I will not be giving any interviews for the foreseeable future. I ask the press to please respect my privacy and that of my children.”

Sharon didn’t talk much to the press because she didn’t have much to say about her ex-husband.

The couple had their issues just like other couples in the world, and DeAngelo was a rapist, so they had problems at home with the wife.

He could have been a violent husband as he pleaded guilty to over twenty r*pe case charges. His killings were more than thirteen, and he brought shame to the family.

Joseph was indeed a serial killer with thirteen murder counts, kidnapping, and r*pe. He ended up being sentenced this year in August.

California had over forty years of terror with this serial killer being on the loose, and Sharon, the wife, was also scared after his disappearance.

The couple had three kids together, and the wife had no idea that his husband was doing horrible things to the community.

The big question in many people’s brains was how it feels to be married to a serial killer.

The answers to this question can be answered by Sharon Huddle.

Story Of Sharon Marie Huddle’s Life

Few things are known about the life of Sharon Huddle, but the basic things are quite clear.

She was born in 1953, and she practiced law in her adult life.

However, you can find some negative reviews and complaints about her cruelty and rude interpersonal traits as a lawyer.

She wasn’t that much of a coll and kind person either, so maybe she knew that her husband was a killer.

The couple got married in 1973, and a year after their marriage, she joined the Exeter police force.

Being a student at California state, she specialized in the field of family law. Her career life began in 1974.

The couple met when huddle was 20 years old; Joseph was a charming young man by then a veteran in Vietnam and a former officer of the navy studying criminal justice.

The couple tied a knot in 1973 after Joseph joined the Exeter police force.

The marriage union took place in the church, and it was held at the Auburn congregation church.

He was a newly recruited policeman and a newlywed couple. After one year, he began terrorizing the people living in the Exeter area.

The couple was beginning their married life together, but the man had already started threatening residents.

The Story Of The Serial Killers Family

In North California Joseph, the serial killer robbed almost me a hundred homes between 1974 to 1975.

The criminal record was getting higher, and the r*pe cases began in the region. Fifty women had already become victims of r*pe in three years.

Crimes escalated in south California, and confusion arisen in the authorities sector.

The killer was first called the night stalker because he targeted couples, tied them, and r*ped women before shooting them.

The r*pe and murder cases raised the alarm among the authorities, and investigations began in the state.

The crime sprees left everybody wondering, but they didn’t know that Joseph was behind them.

He was known to be a young respectable, and reliable man in society.

He was believed to be among the trustworthy and well-educated men in the neighborhood.

Being a cop, nobody could have thought of him as a bad person or capable of killing or raping anyone.

Investigators suspected that a police officer was probably conducting the crimes even though the investigators suspected that police weren’t behind the killings.

This was evident from the shoe prints found at the crime scenes. The sheriffs were confused, but there was no doubt that it was a police officer.

By the time Huddle’s daughter was born in 1981, the husband had already committed like fifty r*pes in south California.

By 1989 the authority announced that all the police departments were looking for a serial killer, but Joseph’s colleagues and friends said that none of the actions showed that Joseph was behind the murders.

The police captain made a review on all the murder reports keenly, and in 1996 they found trails that led to suspects being seen soon.

The press had it that by 1970 the couple was already sleeping in different rooms.

They were technically married, but the couple had separate bedrooms.

They shared family roles and all those responsibilities, but something was amiss in their relationship.

Their kids are successful even today, and they stayed with their dad until the police found out that he was the killer.

He vanished and became the most wanted man in California for over forty years.

Final Investigations

The investigations followed from the early 90s to 2018, where the police arrested him, and he was charged with murder, r*pe, and robbery.

His trial was held this year, and he was sentenced to death—the prints found in crime scenes matched with those of Joseph.

The couple divorced a year after the arrest of Joseph. Many people, even the family members of DeAngelo, were shocked.

His sister said she knew his brother to be a kind person and full of joy and happiness.

In their eyes, the disbelief was enough evidence that they knew him to be a trustworthy and reliable man; in society.

DeAngelo’s terrible things have left his ex-wife Huddle in shock and disbelief up to date.

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