While engaging in cannibalism is intentional for most people, few have unknowingly engaged in the act.

The latter may have been the fate of people who have patronized Joe Metheny at a point in time

Not only is Joe Metheny known for his gruesome murders, but he is also known as a manipulative burger seller who sold human bodies as burgers to his customers.

Joe Metheny began his grimly, insatiable need for revenge when he launched a quest to find his runaway wife and her new lover.

On his revenge for unrequited love and betrayal, he confessed to having r*ped, killed, dismembered, and chopped homeless people and drug-addicted pr*stitutes while searching for his wife and son.

On his quest, Joe spent days checking halfway houses, and a drug-dealing location where his wife stays to do drugs. Upon getting to the location, he found two homeless men who he believed did drugs with his wife.

He questioned them about the location of his wife and his son but got no lead from them. Feeling dissatisfied, Joe axed and killed them. A nearby fisherman whom Joe thought had seen how he dealt with the homeless men was also killed.

With the realization of the murders he had committed, Metheny, in panic, quickly tossed the bodies in the river to hide the evidence and cover his tracks.

While he thought he had neatly covered his tracks, Metheny was soon arrested and charged for the murders of the fisherman and the homeless men.

He was denied bail and had to spend a year and a half in jail waiting for trial.

After a short trial, Joe Metheny was acquitted because the court found no physical evidence of the men he killed.

Rather than learn his lessons, Metheny continued his revengeful quest to find his wife and his son. This time, he engaged in several grimly and premeditated Murder.

Premeditated Murder And A New Way Of Disposal

Shortly after his release at the county jail, Metheny went back to the streets and Baltimore and began to murder people for sport and revenge. On his undying quest for revenge, he killed two pr*stitutes.

While many wondered how he got so heartless to kill and dismember people, it was more surprising to discover the extent to which he went to dispose of their bodies.

Rather than dispose of the pr*stitutes’ bodies as he did for the homeless men, Metheny dismembered their bodies, cut the parts with plenty of meat, stored them, and buried the remains in a truck owned by his company.

Curious about what he did with the meats in the freezer?

He would mix the flesh with beef and pork, make little patties and sell at the small barbecue stand he opened at the side of the road.

With people from different parts of the city passing the road, Metheny carefully sold to unsuspecting truckers and passers-by.

These unknowing consumers became cannibals who served as the living hiding spots for Joe Metheny’s victims.

Joe Metheny’s Final Arrest

Having killed several people, Joe Metheny was finally caught when a perceived victim ran to the Police after managing to escape death.

Joe Metheny had kidnapped Rita Kemper in December 1996. He took her to his trailer and severely beat her. When Metheny was working on how he would murder her, she escaped and reached out to the Police.

At the point of the arrest, the Police expected the 500-pound lumber factory worker to resist and put up a fight. Instead, he willingly gave in to the arrest.

The Police only arrested Metheny based on the claims of Kemper, but it was during the investigation that they realized the kind of person they had arrested. Metheny told the Police, “I’m a very sick person.”

When Police arrested Joe Metheny in December 1996, two years after he began his killing spree, he confessed his crimes.

He revealed how he had buried and hid his victims to cover his tracks. He also confessed to the crime of feeding hundreds of innocent people human flesh.

During interrogation, Joe Metheny told the Police that none of his customers gave a suspecting review about the patties neither did they notice the difference. He noted that:

“The human body tastes very similar to pork. If you mix it together, no one can tell the difference.”

Joe Metheny also confessed that he never ran out of the ‘special meat’ supply as there is always someone available to be killed.

He also gave the details of the people he had killed and dismembered, including the Murder of the fisherman he had killed and got away with.

At the end of the interrogation, Joe confessed to having killed 10 people. He killed some with the hope of getting information about his family’s whereabouts and the others, out of pleasure.

Authorities believed that Joe Metheny would have killed more people if he had not been arrested.

Joe Metheny showed no remorse for the crimes he committed except the fact that he couldn’t get the people he was actually after – his wife and her lover.

He revealed to the Baltimore Police that he wishes he had killed his ex ole lady. He said:

“The only thing I feel bad about in any of this, is I didn’t get to murder the two motherfuckers I was after. And that’s my ex ole lady and the bastard she got hooked up with.”

So the next time you are riding down the road, and you happen to see an open-pit beef stand that you have never seen before, make sure you think about this story before you take a bite of that sandwich.

Joe Metheny’s Last Days

Having confessed to all his crimes, Joe Metheny was sentenced to death.

However, his sentence was overturned in 2000 and changed to two life sentences.

He served in the correctional facility for some years before he was found dead in his prison cell in 2017.

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