There has been no shortage of strange instances over the years.

Some of them were true, while others were far from it.

However, if you are looking for an exciting story that happened, what we are about to discuss right now will shock you.

A ten-year-old Chinese boy was playing outside when he stumbled upon what seemed like a fossilized egg.

Initially, he did not pay much attention to them, thinking that they were merely tiny pieces of rock.

However, upon taking a closer look, the boy realized that it was unlike anything he has seen before.

Passersby gathered around and reported the authorities about this strange finding.

They handed it over to a group of experts for examination.

After a few hours, the researchers claimed that these were dinosaur eggs.

Most people who heard the news had a hard time believing it and thought that media outlets were making things up to fill time and improve their ratings.

However, after some time, a group of well-recognized scientists stated that the eggs indeed belonged to dinosaurs.

What’s more, they were more than sixty million years old.

Surprisingly, this was not the first dinosaur-related finding in Guangdong.

Several years ago, before this incident happened, researchers also found massive skeletons and other dinosaur remains, proving that these creatures were real. 

How Did the Young Boy Find These Eggs?

Zhang was having fun near a lake for several hours. According to his mother, he was all by himself looking for something to crack his walnuts.

Instead, he accidentally stumbled upon a massive pair of dinosaur eggs, which surprised the whole world.

Of course, different organizations tried to claim these eggs, but the people who found them handed them to the right group of researchers.

They took excellent care of the eggs, ensuring they were in pristine condition and away from prying eyes.

Going Viral

Almost everybody in the world likes to find out about the unknown, and this includes dinosaurs too.

Some would argue that these creatures are far from mysterious, but considering that they were present centuries ago and no one has ever seen them makes the massive reptiles all the more intriguing.

The internet was full of news related to this incident.

Some people even spiced it up by exaggerating how the boy found those eggs.

It would be fair to say that it was a media circus for several months.

It took quite a bit of time for things to settle.

However, once they did, scientists were able to provide an educated take about these eggs and their history.

Also, while there were tons of other dinosaur-related discoveries in Guangdong, this was the first time someone spotted their eggs.

Excavating The Area

After taking the findings to a laboratory, scientists asked the government permission to excavate the entire area.

After some hesitation, they gave the experts a heads up.

Digging up discovery sights is nothing new and has been happening for decades.

The reason behind it is that there is a possibility of other findings around the vicinity.

There have been several instances where people found dinosaur skulls and found other remains after excavating the entire area.

Sadly, the experts were not lucky this time.

They tried hard and spent months to see if they could stumble upon anything substantial.

However, their efforts went and vain, forcing them to look elsewhere.

However, all was not lost as there was a high likelihood that scientists would find remains in other parts of Guangdong as the province has a rich history of dinosaur-related findings. 

The Species

Everybody wanted to know which species these eggs belonged to, but scientists haven’t been able to provide a definitive answer.

Some think that it could be a triceratops, but since the eggs are millions of years old, it will take some time to determine the species. 

Experts from other countries are also helping the Chinese scientists study these eggs to find out more about these creatures.

During an interview with a reputable news outlet, one of the people conducting the investigation speculated that there could be hundreds of other dinosaur eggs in China and that it was only a matter of time before someone unearthed them.

He further stated that researching prehistoric creatures is quite complicated.

While the gadgets they have are quite helpful, they are years behind inventing something that would identify an animal through its remains.

Nevertheless, organizations remain hopeful and are working twice as hard to ensure that they can provide answers on time.

A Nest Nearby

One of the scientists’ statements during an interview proved to be prophetic as his team found a nest of similar eggs near the location they excavated earlier.

They decided to dig up some soil on a whim as a last-ditch effort to find dinosaur remains.

Luckily for them, their efforts did not go in vain.

After analyzing these eggs carefully for several weeks, the experts were confident that they belonged to the same species of dinosaurs whose eggs they found in Guangdong.

Other Strange Dinosaur Findings

As people search for remains with a vested interest, they find a lot of them from places where they least expect to find such items.

Recently, someone in the United States found a massive triceratops skull casually lying on barren land.

Most people who saw it earlier ignored it, thinking that it was a tree trunk or a rock.

Luckily, the guy who found it was a massive dinosaur enthusiast and studied them since he was a child.

Argentina is another country where a group of people found a skeleton, which paleontologists later confirmed belonged to the world’s most giant dinosaur. 

So, keep an eye out for things like these, and who knows, you may stumble across something mysterious as well.

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