8 /10 Moving Too Fast

When the time came to talk about expanding their family, there were few words exchanged. Mitchell wanted a child of his own; though he didn’t hate Lynsey’s baby from her previous relationship, it wasn’t the same for him.

Lynsey, however, had second thoughts. When she became pregnant with Mitchell’s child, she aborted it without telling him until it was already done. When he discovered that, he beat her and left home entirely, and spent five months apart.


7 /10 Ebb And Flow

Mitchell regularly slept with other women when he was separated from Lynsey, while Lynsey’s entire life revolved around raising her child and avoiding abuse.

After some time and a few pleading attempts, Mitchell was allowed back home. Lynsey agreed to have his baby, thinking things would be okay after that.

She wanted to forgive him and love him; he just made it hard. He made it more challenging when he wrecked their hose with his next outburst while she was gone, leaving glass broken and the doors unhinged.


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