Some injuries can have a devastating effect on our bodies. The pain can sometimes become unbearable, so much that we can’t perform our daily activities.

There are tons of pharmaceutical medications available to provide relief.

While most of them work like a charm, their long-term impact can be quite dangerous. People experience different kinds of side effects, which are often irreversible.

Because of this, people have started to voice their concerns, claiming that pharmaceutical drugs are not only dangerous but habit-forming as well.

People have been looking for natural alternatives to get relief from pain. Numerous organizations have been coming up with pain killers that they claim are entirely natural.

However, most of them contain additives and ingredients that make them dangerous.

Fortunately, recent years have brought some amazing breakthroughs.

According to some reports, wild lettuce could be the all-natural solution to heal and avoid pain.

While the evidence to support this vegetable’s healing properties is anecdotal, researchers believe that it could be the ultimate natural remedy everyone wanted.

Alternative Treatments Are Authentic

There are large groups of people who swear by pharmaceutical medications.

They argue that organizations spend millions of dollars and years of research to make sure they benefit whoever uses them.

Most of them fail to address that consuming these painkilling drugs, which mostly contain opioids, has dangerous implications for the user’s overall health.

If that was not enough, these supporters are also against the use of natural remedies or alternative treatments.

They believe that these natural cures are nothing more than pseudoscientific solutions that provide users with a temporary placebo effect to make them feel better.

While there are some cases where this statement is true, it is not always the case. Why? Because people have been implementing herbal remedies for centuries.

There were no pharmaceutical organizations back then, and all people could rely on was whatever they could find in nature.

Plenty of people have been helping people recover from various health issues, helping them heal safely and, most importantly, naturally.

As time passed, researchers studied these plants and discovered that they have therapeutic properties to help you recover.

Painkilling Greens

Most people who have a history of joint pain, muscle fatigue, headaches, anxiety, and various other problems know about wild lettuce.

These edible greens are excellent for reducing stress and restlessness.

Some regular users even claim that it can help you with restless leg syndrome.

With so many people testifying for this superfood, it is only fair to give it a try.

Several groups of doctors are also coming forward and speaking about the excellent benefits of consuming this vegetable.

There has been a significant increase in wild lettuce’s popularity, and many people are trying to grow it in their lawns and backyards.

Eat And Heal

Consuming thirty to one hundred milligrams of wild lettuce at bedtime could do wonders for your overall health and wellness.

It can treat various issues, ranging from whooping cough to joint or muscle pain.

Doctor Collins, the author of the book “A Modern Herbal,” mentioned that he successfully cured more than twenty dropsy cases by prescribing patients a unique combination of drachma extract and grains.

The recipe has become quite popular for treating insomnia.

An All-Natural Opiate Alternative

The overuse of various drugs has been running wild for decades.

Thousands of people have lost and more continue to lose their lives because of their detrimental effects.

It creates a dependency that most users have a tough time eliminating.

Luckily, wild lettuce provides them with a natural alternative to help them wean off their addiction.

This vegetable is so useful because it doesn’t have the addiction numbing properties of opiate medicines.

However, it does have healing qualities.

Therefore, if you are looking for a natural alternative, few options would be better than this one.

A Remedy For The Cause

You can also use wild lettuce to create an all-natural tincture.

All you will need to do is extract the white substance from the plant and follow the instructions in the video linked below.

Follow the guide correctly, and you will create a potion that can provide relief from various pains.

Another thing that makes wild lettuce so great is that instead of providing you with temporary relief, it goes all the way and remedies the cause.

Therefore, you will not need to depend on chemical care to get your daily painkiller fix. Instead, use this all-natural pain killer, and you will live a happy and drug-free life.

Lactuca Virosa

The scientific term for wild lettuce is Lactuca Virosa. As its popularity increases, more and more people are replacing their prescription painkillers with this edible green.

The plant is large and leafy with tiny yellow buds. It originates in England and North America and belongs to the family of the salads we often buy from the supermarket.

Some people also call it “bitter salad” or “opium salad.” People call it that because of its sedative and analgesic effects that people often associate with opiate-induced drugs.

However, you will not feel these effects if you do not consume the white substance present in this plant’s leaves and stems.

An Age-Old Painkiller

Surprisingly, people have been using wild lettuce as an opium substitute since the 19th century.

However, it did not become popular until the 1970s, when people started to show interest in natural remedies. Some used it for pain relief while others used the plant recreationally.

Back in the day, people often used to cook this plant in hot water and mixed it with sugar to get a syrupy and thick consistency.

They used it to make herbal tea. It was quite beneficial, but the taste was too bitter, which is why some people added extra sugar when creating the syrup.

You can also vaporize or smoke the wild lettuce after drying and grinding it. Several brands offer it as an extract or in its dry form.

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