The world is full of sadistic individuals. What’s most surprising about these people is that no one suspects them until someone catches them red-handed. History is full of such cases.

They involve men, women, and children. In most cases, authorities arrested the perpetrators after they committed several heinous crimes.

If you’re wondering if there is a case where police officers arrested someone before they committed a felony, the answer would be yes.

We will talk about that particular case in this article and take a detailed look at what happened.

Police arrested a twenty-one-year-old individual named Alexander Barter recently. They discovered that he planned to commit unspeakable acts on a teenage girl and arrested him immediately.

Alexander Nathan Barter

Alexander Nathen Barter seemed like a regular youngster to everyone who knew him.

Nobody sensed anything off about this Texas resident, and everybody went about their merry way.

None of these people knew that this man’s mind was full of dark and evil thoughts.

He would spend most of his time on the internet and would rarely leave his house.

However, this behavior is typical among many people today, and nothing is alarming about it.

In this case, however, the alleged cannibal was using the internet to fulfill his dark deeds.

He would go on the dark web and search for the most grotesque of things.

Nathan Barter also posted various ads where he asked people to accompany him in committing heinous acts.

For those who do not know, the dark web is a cesspool of illegal activities.

It is a decentralized platform that guarantees anonymity, which is a significant reason why so many people sell and buy weapons, child pornography, and find people for executions.

Alexander Nathan Barter was in the deepest, darkest areas of this platform.

He always had evil intentions but never got the opportunity to make them real.

One of the biggest reasons behind his lack of success in this venture was that Nathan Barter was a loner.

He did not have any friends and would spend most of his time alone.

Disturbing Discovery From The Dark Web

Nathan spent most of his day surfing the deep web to fulfill his depraved desires.

He couldn’t bury them deep any longer and was getting more desperate by the day.

Initially, the man began to buy and distribute child pornography. It was his primary source of income as he didn’t have a steady job.

No one suspected the man of these activities because of his secretive nature.

Furthermore, Nathan always removed any evidence and digital footprint that would implicate him.

He continued distributing vile videos online, after which he wanted to take things a step further.

Now, Nathan wanted to feel how it feels to end a life.

The twenty-one-year-old always fantasized about this since he was in his early teens, but this time, he finally gained the confidence to kill someone.

Nathan Barter posted an ad on the deep web where he was looking to rape, kill, and eat someone. He was yearning to take a life and wanted to know how it feels.

He got a quick response from a dad ready to give his daughter to the aspiring cannibal.

However, he only agreed to sell her if Nathan didn’t kill her.

He got back to the father by reiterating that he wanted to commit all of these acts.

After some time, the anonymous person agreed and asked Nathan how the transaction would take place.

Barter told him to buy new clothes, bring a car, and find a secluded area to violate, murder, and eat the man’s daughter.

They decided on a date and location and agreed to meet there.

Undercover Agent

The person Nathan was in contact with wasn’t who he thought.

Instead, it was an undercover agent posing as a girl’s dad. As discussed earlier, the deep web is full of illegal activities and shady people.

Most of these individuals are terrible and have no regard for human life.

There have been hundreds of murders and terrifying instances that people orchestrated through this platform.

It is a significant reason why law enforcement agencies are taking cyber-crime so seriously.

It gives them an excellent area to spot and arrest loads of criminals before they do something horrific.

The agent taking to Nathan happened to be one of the many undercover spies searching for people with malicious intentions.

Luckily, this agent stumbled upon Barter’s ad and decided to create a false persona to extract information about him, which he could use to arrest him.

The spy had to think stoop to the cannibal’s level of thinking to ensure that he wins his trust.

He did everything possible to make the criminal think that he was as depraved as he was.

After gaining Nathan’s trust, the undercover agent created a false narrative claiming that he wanted to prostitute his teenage daughter.

It attracted the aspiring cannibal’s attention, who provided him explicit details regarding what he wanted to do to the man’s daughter.


As discussed earlier, people in the deep web can maintain anonymity and do anything they want.

Therefore, the undercover agent wasn’t able to determine Nathan Barter’s identity initially.

He had to file for a subpoena.

Fortunately, officials accepted it, which helped the agent discover the name and address of the cannibal.

However, they did not rush things as they wanted to catch him red-handed to ensure he does not escape the prison on technicalities or legal loopholes.

So, they waited for the criminal at the location he agreed to meet with the girls “dad” and arrested him as soon as he arrived.

He was carrying a large plastic bag and knife, which was enough to prove that he planned to follow through with his intentions to murder an underage girl.

Nathan didn’t resist the arrest and admitted to everything he said online.

The judge sentenced him to prison on multiple counts,

which included attempt to murder a child, distribution of child pornography, and intention to commit necrophilia.

While this depraved human being is behind bars, he is fit to stand trial after serving his sentence.

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