There is no denying that people from all walks of life crave for forever-youth.

People cannot escape from the natural process of aging yet they find a little bit of consolation in plastic surgery.

In a world where societies have grown more mature, ideally no one is put under pressure to look younger than they really are; people should accept the reality that getting older is inevitable, and therefore they don’t mind if their beloved movie stars and celebrities will at some point look somewhat different.

But we are not living in an ideal world. Given relentless exposures to a number of social media like Instagram and Facebook not to mention fashion magazines and television shows where people always post their best photos, it does appear that the societies still have impossibly high demands for everyone – especially women – to have perfect bodies and faces.

The demands to meet the pseudo standard of good physical appearance are even stronger among A-list celebrities.

Some confidently claimed that they have undergone such procedures, but the ones on this list are more reluctant to admit it.

10 Jennifer Farley

Born Jennifer Lynn Farley, yet professionally known as JWoww, the American TV personality almost certainly had received plastic surgery procedures, first on the breasts and then the face as well, even before Jersey Shore – the show that popularized her name – aired.

She also had another procedure done on her breasts (again) after the show for 34F-sized boobs, which according to her claim were mostly inspired by Carmen Electra and partly a necessary step after giving birth.

So far she has only admitted that all the procedures focused on the breast, but it does not sound like the whole truth because her face also looks different now.

9 Blake Lively

Let us make one thing clear here: Blake Lively is a beautiful women, not doubt about that.

The wife to Ryan Reynolds and a mother of three, the person who portrayed Serena van der Woodsen of Gossip Girl has always been stunning in just about every public appearance.

In the big screen, you probably know Lively best from her roles in The Age of Adaline, Green Lantern, and Savages.

The public cannot help but notice some changes in her throughout the years, and the most hard-core fans apparently suggested that some of those transformations are the results of plastic surgery procedures. She never admitted it.

8 NeNe Leakes

Best known for her outspoken and controversial behaviors, Leakes suddenly became a famous public figure following her appearance on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

With a combination of opportunist business mindset and belligerent attitude, it is not difficult to understand how she has grown an enormous fan base.

She has admitted to getting cosmetic surgeries including on the nose, but there have been rumors that her weight loss also is the result of another surgical procedure.

In an attempt to put the rumors to an end, she has actually informed the public about her exercise plan and diet program. Some people just don’t buy it.

7 Janet Jackson

The sister of Michael Jackson has been in the public eye for pretty much her entire life.

She underwent plastic surgery on the nose, and there have been long-circulating rumors that she also received procedures on other parts of her body, specifically a facelift.

While it wouldn’t be too surprising to hear that Jackson has changed appearance through surgical procedures, the facelift rumor has so far put her on a defensive stance.

Her makeup artist was the one who went public, saying that the facelift was never true.

6 Olsen Twins

Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen, who portrayed Michelle Tanner on the TV show Full House, are identical twins, until the moment they underwent plastic surgeries.

Biologically and naturally they have always been and will always be identical twins, but their appearances do not reflect the matter.

They no longer look identical now – most likely due to Botox, nose jobs, and lip injection – but they never admitted to ever having such procedures done.

5 Jennifer Lopez

One of the most talented and sensual women in the entire Hollywood and perhaps the world, Jennifer Lopez is not immune to the temptation of plastic surgeries either.

Despite her outright natural beauty, she has been rumored to have done cosmetic procedures, most notably on the nose but also on other parts including breasts, lips, and cheeks.

In fact in 2013, a surgeon came out to claim that Lopez’ face showed signs of plastic surgeries. She confidently denied all those rumors.

4 Kate Bosworth

At one point, Kate Bosworth was so skinny that it felt scary just to look at her photos.

Thankfully she has gained more pounds over the years and now she appears healthier.

Bosworth has been the subject of many rumors claiming that she received surgical procedures to change her appearance.

When you compare her before-and-after photos, it looks obvious that her lips look different.

Despite the clear evidence, Bosworth has so far never publicly admitted to having plastic surgery done on any part of her body.

3 Coco Austin

Two things that make Coco Austin a true bombshell: being married to Ice-T and having a dreamy curvy body.

When she was a teenager, she had cosmetic procedures done on her breasts; she actually admitted to getting the surgery, and that’s about it.

Since she never again claims to undergo any other procedure, this means her massive booty is 100% genuine.

Although it is not impossible to enlarge the muscles at that particular parts on the body using natural methods, some people just find it difficult to believe the claim.

2 Kylie Jenner

In a similar fashion to Austin’s claim, Kylie Jenner also admitted to having surgical procedure done one time on her lips. It arguably is the biggest lie ever told by a member of the Kardashian family.

The Internet has managed to secure some photos during Kylie Jenner’s teenage years; when you compare the image to her more recent photos, she looks like a different person.

Judging by the amount of transformation she has gone through, it does appear that many parts of her body have been surgically changed, not just the lips as she persistently claims.

1 Nicole Kidman

Among plenty of female actors in Hollywood, Kidman is among the few who can always look beautiful naturally even without makeup.

But as mentioned earlier, getting older can be a difficult thing for celebrities to cope with, even for Kidman.

She is 52 years old now, and of course signs of aging are getting more apparent.

It looks like she decided to deal with the problem by getting plastic surgery on the face.

She has so far in denial of the rumor, although her face looks rather tight for a woman in her 50s.

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