Funeral traditions all over the developed world are changing rapidly. Most countries have grown accustomed to observing expensive services due to their cultures.

However, more and more people are doing away with these customs and choosing more affordable options like cremations.

More people are coming to terms with the fact that having expensive funerals is nothing more than a waste of money.

Because of this, you can expect younger generations to steer clear from open-casket viewings and drawn out funerals.

Now, people are opting for short memorials, followed by cremations.

Ceremonies like this are becoming a regular occurrence, forcing the coffin and burial industry to change.

While cremations are quite practical, there are plenty of other innovative ideas out there to make burials and funerals more cost-effective.

The company Capsula Mundi has come up with a unique burial method that would allow families to use their deceased member’s body as a seed to plant a tree.

Italian designers Raoul Bretzel and Anna Citelli are the brains behind the idea; they devised and implemented this plan.

They were looking to come up with sustainable burial solutions that would be more visually appealing than the conventional mausoleum chapels and headstones.

Organic Burial Pods By Capsula Mundi

Capsula Mundi has been working on finding an eco-friendly burial solution, and it seems like its egg-shaped pods might be the answer.

These shells will act like seeds and will be big enough to fit a person’s body in the fetal position.

Once the corpse is inside, you will have to place the pod inside the ground and plant a tree over it after covering the shell.

These pods by Capsula Mundi are biodegradable as the company uses starch plastic to make them.

According to the designers, the person inside the biodegradable shell will slowly degrade and transform into the tree’s nutrients.

The tree will start absorbing this nutrition and eventually grow large enough to leave a lasting legacy of the departed.

The Pod Is Currently In The Prototype Phase

While this product has been making the waves ever since people found out about it, for now, it is nothing more than a prototype.

Therefore, you cannot purchase it just yet.

Capsula Mundi is taking time to clear some regulation and design-related obstacles.

It wants to make sure that people do not face any complications with the pod once it becomes available in the market.

Furthermore, Italy, where this company operates, has some strict laws for burials.

These regulations are posing a tough challenge for the company’s designers.

That said, Capsula Mundi is still a significant part of the funeral industry.

Its wide variety of biodegradable urns is quite similar to their proposed pods.

The only difference is that these urns contain ashes instead of a corpse.

Getting approval for this idea was more straightforward than getting permission for placing an entire body inside a massive pod.

An Environmentally Friendly Solution

Compare these organic burial pods to any other burying methods out there, and you will instantly realize that it is perhaps the most eco-friendly solution.

While the body rests in peace, the metals, synthetic cushioning, and wood used in most coffins litter the earth.

Besides, these materials go through tedious manufacturing processes, shortly after which, they go inside a grave.

Instead, burial pods offer a simpler and more convenient solution.

Capsula Mundi suggested that when this idea becomes accepted, graveyards would never be the same dull and gloomy places they are now.

Instead, they will transform into vibrant forests full of animals instead of somber fields full of tombstones.

What Inspired The Burial Pods Idea?

Capsula Mundi’s designers got the idea during 2003 after the conclusion of Milan’s annual design fair for furniture “Salon del Mobile.”

The couple saw people thrashing and throwing away the furniture once the exhibition ended.

Designing new things every year was a fierce competition, said Raoul Bretzel.

Knowing that people didn’t care about the furniture once the contest was over irked the designer to no end.

It made him think about potential projects where he could incorporate environmental elements.

Bretzel further stated that dying is an inevitable part of our lives; however, nobody cares about it because they do not want to see or think about this aspect.

Most of us do not want to think of dying as part of our lives.

The thought inspired the designer to come up with a solution that would use death to give birth to a new life, in this case, a tree.

The Law Behind The Invention

While there is enough science to back up this creation, the Italian government hasn’t given the company its approval.

Scientific research testifies that Capsula Mundi and other green solutions are ideal for the environment.

Approving them is the only way to break the cultural barriers regarding burials.

Since the news broke regarding these pods, people have shown increasing interest in eco-friendly burials.

Experts claim that baby-boomers are particularly interested in this burial method as their environmental awareness is significantly higher than people from other generations.

The question remains, however, “is it legal?”

Well, it depends on where you are living.

If you are a North American, you can rest easy knowing that you have permission to use ideas similar to that of Capsula Mundi to bury your loved ones.

Luckily, the Canadian and US governments have been quite considerate regarding green burials.

However, it could be a vastly different story elsewhere.

For instance, Italians do not have permission for this burial type.

While the reasons for the disapproval remain unclear, people in Italy are collecting signatures for a massive petition to legalize organic burial pods.

Although this step is quite bold, it could be a long time before the Italian government changes its stance.

Bottom Line

If this idea catches on, graveyards will become peaceful memory forests where every tree will represent human life.

Parents, children, husbands, and wives could stand together as thriving trees providing their descendants a serene place to visit.

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