A young man from Virginia unintentionally blew off his own hand when his homemade bomb exploded unexpectedly.

Police suspect that Cole Alexander Carini intended to use the bomb to carry out terrorist attacks against women. Carini is a member of an anti-women organization called the “Incels,” which is short for” involuntarily celibate.”

Carini Belonged To A Terror Group Called Involuntarily Celibate

Members of this group have been responsible for several terrorist attacks against women. It now seems possible that Carini is a member of this terrorist group.

Carini, (23) who lives in Richlands, Virginia was arrested and charged with perjury after he told federal agents that the cause of the accident was a malfunctioning lawnmower.

He is currently awaiting further charges and being held in the Western Virginia Regional Jail. He has a former conviction on explosives charges, which is why the local police were suspicious. They obtained a search warrant and following their discoveries at his home, called in the FBI.

The length of the grass around the house was evidence to the investigators that it had not been mown in a very long time. There was also no trace of a lawnmower accident either, according to the FBI affidavit.

His Bedroom Was Smattered With Blood And Flesh

They did, however, find a trail of blood leading from a red minivan that was parked on his driveway, all the way upstairs to Carini’s bedroom. From the amount of blood and bits of flesh around the room, it was clear that the unexpected explosion had taken place there.

They also found a box of nails, a bottle of explosives, and the remains of the home-made bomb that had showered shrapnel everywhere. FBI Agent Schimke said that the intention was to make bombs that would cause as much damage as possible.

The U.S. Department of Justice commented on the incident. They claimed that Carini had arrived at a health clinic in Richlands last month with serious injuries. It appears that one of his hands was completely blown off and the other had several missing fingers.

Doctor’s assessed his condition and realized that Carini was in a life-threatening situation. Consequently, he was rushed to Clinch Valley Medical Centre for immediate attention.

When questioned about how he came by such serious injuries, Carini said that there had been a problem with his lawnmower, which resulted in a serious accident.

The police officers who interviewed him at the hospital were not sure that he was telling the truth, because he had a previous conviction for making explosives.

Besides the damage to his hands, he had very bad shrapnel wounds on his upper torso and face, which did not tie-up with a lawnmower accident. Suspecting that there was more to the story, the police followed up with a search of the house. The first thing they noticed was an overgrown lawn.

This led them to investigate further, and what they found was shocking to them and all his neighbors. There was blood leading from his bedroom, where the explosion took place, through to the bathroom. Then, there was a bloody trail through the house and out to his driveway.

Red Shed Crammed With Bomb-Making Equipment

State Police troopers, Tazewell County Sheriff’s deputies and federal agents began to search the boundaries of the property for any places that could have been used as bomb-making test sites.

Behind the home of Carini’s grandmother, they found a red shed that looked like a likely place. Sure enough, the shed jam-packed with chemicals and equipment for making bombs.

They discovered PVC pipes, wires, batteries, and a surveillance system amongst other equipment that could have been used for making bombs.

There were several empty chemical containers strewn about the shed, electronic switches, and a cylinder containing an unidentifiable liquid.

Outside, there was a pit with loose soil that could have been a testing site for the bombs. Then, they stumbled upon an ominous, crumpled note that proved to be significant in the case.

Detailed Plans For Terror Attacks On Women

The notes contained plans and ideas of ways to coerce and attack women in various set-ups.  They were intended to be used in getting revenge on women who had scorned him. Here is a sample of the type of scenarios that were described:

“He casually walked through the shopping mall. His jacket concealed deadly objects.”

“He had … of tension that would come and go as he now approached the stage of hot cheerleaders.”

“Even if he died, this statement was worth it!”

“A dead seriousness sank in as he realized that he was truly passing the point of no return.”

“He decided, ‘I will not back down. I will not be afraid of the consequences, no matter what. I will be heroic. I will make a statement like Elliot Rodgers did,’ he thought to himself.”

Murderer, Elliot Roger, His Hero

The man, Elliot Roger, whom he referred to in the notes, was a notorious murderer from California. He killed six people and injured fourteen others when he went on a murder bender against women who had rejected his romantic advances.

It appears that Roger was someone he idolized.That document has become a bible of sorts to an online community known as “incels,” according to the FBI agent.

Even with all this evidence, Carini denies having explosives or bomb-making equipment on his property. Carini stuck to his lawnmower story even when FBI agents questioned him again after searching his house.

Carini told the agents he was mowing his yard and the mower flipped over in such a way that it plunged his hands into the blades, and because the blades were spinning so fast, it acted like a bomb,” Schimke reported.

Carini spoke openly about his previous bomb-making conviction, and he was still on probation for his previous offense.

He denied all knowledge of the bomb-making chemicals that were found in his bedroom and repeated the lawnmower story several times in explanation of what had happened to his hands.

Carini has only been charged with lying to the police so far, which carries a maximum five-year jail sentence. He does, however, still run the risk of being charged with domestic or international terrorism. This would carry an eight-year jail sentence.

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