When you think of the word “camel,” you always think of deserts. They are domesticated animals and mostly used in underdeveloped countries.

Camels adapt to the hot and dry climate of the deserts; the thick hair coat keeps them warm at night and protects them from the heat in the day.

Moreover, their large feet help distribute their weight when they are walking on the sand.

A camel stores food and water as fat in the hump; they use this fat for energy.

The bushy eyebrows of the camel do not let the sand go in their eyes. Camels can provide you meat, milk, and wool.

Some people only try to take help from this animal as much as they can without fulfilling their basic needs.

They keep this domestic animal without food and water, and without any love and affection. Like other animals, they need proper care to live a longer life.

However, one thing is different about camels from other animals.

They are usually not prone to attacking their owners, but when they do attack, it can be vicious and brutal.

However, whether you have a cat or a camel, it is your responsibility to give them love, food, and shelter.

They will never attack you if you take care of their essential needs.

A Frightening Incident

A petrifying incident happened in the Rajasthan estate of India that left many people in shock.

On one Saturday evening, an Indian man, named Urjaram, left his camel under the sun without any shelter, all day.

As mentioned, camels can adapt to living conditions. This is why people in deserts use camels to transfer goods and things from one place to another.

However, strangely this camel could not bear the scorching heat and the blazing sun.

When the owner returned and started to untie the camel, it viciously attacked its master.

The camel filled with anger and rage not only attacked the Indian man but also severed his head.

A villager Thakara Ram told The Times of India that the animal lifted its owner by his neck and threw him powerfully on the ground.

Narrating the shocking event, Thakara told the camel chewed the body like a monster and severed the head.

After brutally killing its master, the camel went out of control. It could kill somebody else if people left it on its own.

For this reason, around 25 villagers tried to control the camel for about six hours.

It was a nerve-racking job, but the villagers managed it somehow. According to some villagers, this camel had also attacked its owner, Urjaram, before.

Camels are herbivorous and do not feel the need to eat meat. They do not kill humans, but when they get exhausted and angry, they become brutal.

Did It Ever Happen Anywhere Else?

Yes, we have heard a couple of stories about people losing their lives due to camels. Most of them are dramatic and terrifying.

Camels are strong big animals. They have enough strength and power that can bring chaos to a small village.

Even when they become angry, they can kill many people at a time.

But other times, when you see them peacefully resting, you cannot even imagine that this gentle creature can bite off someone’s head. Unfortunately, the stories are true.

After knowing that almost every dreadful incident occurred when their master did something wrong with this animal, you can relax.

Of course, it is the responsibility of owners to keep their animals happy and fulfill their needs. When they fail to take care of their animals, camels do horrifying things in protest.

So, it’s important to fulfill all the necessities of animals, from food to shelter. This will keep you safe and your pet happy.

Some Other Dreadful Stories

Texas, a beautiful and popular city, witnessed the wrath of camels. Last year in January, a camel at a breeding farm became restless and started to attack people.

It was a distressing moment when this camel trampled two people to death. This incident took place on a breeding farm, which makes you think that even animal farms are not free from troubles.

Another incident happened in Mexico. Last fall, a camel viciously killed an American owner of a wildlife park.

The camel brutally kicked and bit off the man into submission. Then, this big and strong camel sat on the man.

It was a nerve-breaking incident that occurred in front of people. The rescuers came and tried to control the wild animal.

They tied a rope around the camel and then tied the other end of the rope to a truck so that they could get the camel to move off from the body.

When the rescuers finally removed the camel from above the man, the man was dead and in bad condition.

You will be astonished that, according to some people, the camel didn’t get its usual Coca-Cola that day, which enraged it and made it attack the poor owner.

You may have heard another story like this a few months back. A camel tried to kill an elderly man in California.

To our surprise, it used the same method to kill the man that we have discussed above. Fortunately, this was the only time when the victim survived.

Bottom Line

All the stories mentioned above force us to feel bad for the victims. You may even feel to punish the camel for their action. But this is not their fault.

They are wild animals, and people need to take some extra care while handling them.

Otherwise, you may end up becoming a terrifying story for the world.

Also, it is your duty to take care of your pet and provide them with food, water, and shelter.

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