There have been plenty of cases where authorities made questionable decisions.

Some people protest them, while others turn a blind eye.

The reason why so many of these decisions face controversy is that they seem unfair.

A strange custody case from the State of Oregon is a perfect example.

In this case, child services decided to take custody of a couple’s newborn children after determining that they did not have the mental capacity to raise them.

Unsurprisingly, there was a lot of controversy surrounding this piece of news.

Most protestors claimed that every parent should get a chance to raise their children.

They didn’t appreciate the fact that Oregon’s child services did not let the mother and father have a say in this matter.

Instead, they relied on a call from the mother’s disgruntled father and wasted no time in taking their newborns away.

About The Parents

Eric Ziegler and Amy Fabbrini, the parents of these dispossessed children, have been battling Oregon’s custodial services in court for over four years.

The mother is thirty-one years old while the father is thirty-eight.

Their IQs are 72 and 66, respectively, which is relatively lower than that of ordinary people.

However, they are adamant in proving that they are more than capable of raising their children correctly.

Unfortunately, the battle so far has been quite challenging. It’s their word against those of child services.

Plus, the parent’s low IQ does not help their cause either.

Another reason why the court hesitates to give back Eric and Amy custody of their children is that they are not financially strong enough to give the kids a good life.

On the other hand, the foster care system can finance a better childhood experience for the children, making sure that they have all the necessities they need.

That said, the advocate representing the parents does not show any signs of backing up.

He even claimed that if everyone followed the low or high IQ logic, then Bill Gates should get custody of everybody’s children.

While the point made sense, no one took it seriously, and the case continues to drag.

Losing Custody Of The Second Son

Bad turned to worse for Eric Ziegler and Amy Fabbrini when the State took away their second newborn.

Once again, custodial services did not waste much time in taking the child away, claiming that the couple still isn’t good enough to nourish and nurture their children.

The news was quite harrowing for the couple, and they felt like they were easy targets for authorities in Oregon.

Who Alerted The Authorities

Things were going smoothly when Amy Fabbrini gave birth to her first child.

Surprisingly, she did not know that she was pregnant until the child’s delivery.

Amy thought that the pain she was feeling during pregnancy was due to a kidney-related issue.

However, she was still happy to raise her firstborn with her loving husband.

Surprisingly, her father called the authorities and informed that neither her daughter nor her husband was fit enough to raise a child on their own.

He believed that child custody services would be able to provide the kids with a better life as their parents did not have the mental capacity to raise them.

The news was particularly shocking for Amy as she was living in her father’s house at the time this incident happened.

Fighting For Their Children

While the parent’s attempts to convince the court to prove themselves fit to raise children have not been successful, they are doing everything possible to strengthen their case.

The case is particularly unusual when you consider many other couples got to keep their children despite not even having a high school diploma.

On the other hand, Amy and Eric completed high school and had the paperwork to prove it.

But the court still considers them intellectually disabled and doesn’t want to overturn the case despite their pleas.

However, the parents are doing everything they can to improve their parental instincts.

They are taking nutrition classes, parenting tuitions, studying first-aid tips, attending CPR workshops, and going to regular psychological evaluations every week.

It shows that they are more than willing to prove their worth and reconnect with their children to provide them a happy life.

Making Improvements

Eric and Amy were taking their self-reformation journey quite seriously.

They started by becoming independent and moving away from their parents.

Although the home they moved to belongs to Ziegler’s farther.

Nevertheless, it was a step in the right direction.

The husband even passed a driving test and received his license, which proves that he is not as mentally incapable as people perceive.

Unfortunately, neither the mother nor the father has a job.

They are living on welfare checks and support from family members.

It could be a significant factor that is holding the court back from overturning their decisions.

But, if the couple continues to better their lives and eventually land decent jobs, they could get possession of their children again.

Overwhelming Support

While the cards seemed to be against Eric and Amy, they have been receiving overwhelming support from members of their community, friends, and relatives.

Most of them testify that they are loving people with big hearts, and can do an incredible job in raising their children.

One of the family members also stated that the couple owns a large dog and has been taking excellent care of it for years.

With so many people supporting and speaking in favor of these unfortunate parents, it could only be a matter of time they are reunited with their children.

Could The Court Reconsider Its Decision?

Due to confidentiality reasons, the Oregon court refrains from providing any hints regarding reversing their initial ruling.

However, the parents and their supporters remain hopeful that there could be a swift and speedy resolution to this problem the next time Eric and Amy stand in front of a judge.

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