Being a parent is hard. Being a parent when your job requires you to spend many hours away from your kid is even harder. Raising a child requires patience, maturity, stability, selflessness, and great deal of sensibility.

Children deserve all the love, supports, and companions their parents can give, so that they may grow and reach their full potential in the future.

Having a disposable income should make parenting easier as you have the financial power to ensure good education, healthcare, and general well-being to the point where your children never have to feel the slightest bit of discomfort.

Even if you cannot fulfill all their childish desires, chances are your words can bring them to reasons and make them appreciate the things they have rather than crying over stuffs they don’t.

Having a lot of money does not always make you good parents. It certainly will help, but your children need more than just financial support to grow up.

Celebrities usually have more money than they can spend, yet some of them manage to display blatant incompetence at parenting.

Many celebrities have spoken about their rough childhood due to abandonment and family issues, and yet others are themselves guilty of abandoning their kids.

There is nothing wrong in pursuing fame or making money in the entertainment world, but at the same time it is no reason to relinquish responsibility as a parent. These celebrities should know better.

10 Pattie Mallette Couldn’t Stand Justin Bieber’s Antics

Justin Bieber was born to Pattie Mallette, who was at a tender age of seventeen when she gave birth to him. Considering the fact that Mallette became a mother in teenage years, it wouldn’t be too farfetched to say that she and her son did some growing up together, at least for several years before she could confidently wander into adulthood.

Both of them created a strong bond, and Bieber – during early years of his career – often spoke of how great his mother was; their relationship was a major contributor to his success. Unfortunately as Bieber seemed to reach the peak of his fame, the tight mother-and-son relationship began to fade.

The young singer has been known to have several encounters with law-enforcement officers due to his bad behaviors. Because he reached an age where he could legally make his own decision, Mallette grew more frustrated with her son’s lack of responsibility.

During a downward spiral of Bieber’s fame, she chose to distance herself from him. She left her son during a time when he needed mother figure the most.

9 50 Cent Disowned His Son

Curtis Jackson, better known for his stage name 50 Cent, has probably been involved in a heated feud or two in his lifetime, but one that most people find difficult to overlook is the tension between him and his own son, Marquise. At one point, the rapper said a lot of harsh things to his son on social media.

He sent a series of tweets containing messages that most parents anywhere in the world would find troubling. Curtis Jackson infamously disowned his son in front of the whole world by claiming that he didn’t have a son anymore and that he would have nothing to do with Marquise. He also told Marquise to stop texting his father again.

Of course the incident was just the tip of the iceberg. Despite saying he would have nothing to do with his son, he continued sending mean tweets aimed not only at Marquise but also his mother. There are many fathers who could not fulfill their duties as parents with flying colors, yet Curtis Jackson somehow makes himself known as one of the worst.

8 Nancy Dow Betrayed Jennifer

Everyone knows Jennifer Aniston was (and still is) one of the most prominent names in the entertainment industry, but apparently her stardom did not stop her mother to give her the ultimate betrayal.

For most of Aniston’s life, she and her mother appeared to have rocky relationship at best, but things became worse partially because Dow wrote a tell-all book detailing the matter to the public. Aniston felt that her mother was exploiting her in the search for fame and fortune.

Five years before her death, Nancy made it clear that she did not like her daughter at all. She still had some hard feelings toward her own superstar daughter for reasons unbeknownst to the public.

Aniston did not even invite her mother to her wedding to Brad Pitt in 2000, but there were reports claiming that the daughter continued to pay the mother’s bills even when they were not on speaking terms. Nancy Dow gave the final blow when she excluded Aniston from her will, leaving all her assets to another relative.

7 John Barrymore Pretty Much Abandoned Drew

It is no longer secret that Drew Barrymore doesn’t have a perfect childhood story, and that her early teenage years were filled with moments of abandonment and drugs.

Drew’s mother, Jaid, fulfilled her obligation as she raised young Drew until the daughter grew old enough to decide for herself, but John Barrymore, the father, was noticeably absent in Drew’s upbringing. John, who was himself an actor, embarked on his own journey away from his wife and daughter.

He had decided to relinquish responsibility as a father long before Drew was even born. He left Jaid when she was pregnant and never really played an active role as a father in his daughter’s life.

Once Drew became a mother herself, she would often reflect back on his father’s negligence. She admitted that she would never understand how a father could easily walk away from his child. Drew also once said that her father simply was not capable of being a father.

6 Caitlyn Jenner Has Four Other Children She Abandoned

Caitlyn Marie Jenner (born William Bruce Jenner) was a great Olympian at some points in her life, but now she is best known as a star in a reality TV show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Even before he announced her decision to undergo gender transition procedures, Caitlyn had been a devoted husband to Kris Jenner and a dedicated step father to her four children from her previous marriage. These four kids of course are Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, and Rob Kardashian.

Caitlyn received a lot of credits for playing an active role raising her four step children, but many people don’t know if she also has four other children from her previous relationship.

Prior to gender transition, the former athlete were married two times; first to Chrystie Scot and second to Linda Thompson. Each marriage ended up in divorce but not before four children had been born: Burton, Cassandra, Brandon, and Brody Jenner.

Several of them actually claimed that while his father was busy catering to the Kardashians, they felt being abandoned. Caitlyn has now managed to develop a relationship with children from the previous two marriages, but she also admitted that she was an inept parent in the past.

5 Dean McDermott Left His Family For His Mistress

In addition to few hosting gigs and being a struggling actor in a handful of Lifetime movies, Dean McDermott is famously known for his scandalous relationship with Tori Spelling.

This relationship was scandalous because it eventually led McDermott to leaving his family in Canada in favor of pursuing life in Hollywood.

After thirteen years of marriage to Mary Jo Eustace, from which she gave birth to a son, Dean decided to throw it all away. They were actually in the process of adopting a daughter named Lola, but then the actor also made a decision to waive his rights as a father to Lola.

He practically left his wife to become a single mother to two children. Dean managed to secure split custody of the son, yet his move to California did not help with the relationship; he was accused of putting his new love interest (along with new children) above all else. Mary Jo has been vocal about Dean’s inability to act as father to their son and about years of unpaid child support too.

4 Jackie Siegel Gave Birth To Kids Only For The Perks

A self-proclaimed The Queen of Versailles, Jackie Siegel is often associated with glamorous lifestyle and reality TV stardom. She is married to David Siegel, the owner of Westgate Resorts.

They married in 2000, and altogether they have eight children including one adopted daughter and one from previous relationship, Victoria, who died on June 18, 2005 due to drug overdose.

Jackie once said that her husband would give her expensive gift each time she gave birth to a child, so she was willing to continuously get pregnant.

Having a lot of children does not seem to be a problem if you are good parents and you have reliable income to support a big family; the latter was undoubtedly true for the Siegel family, but Jackie has a questionable quality as a mother. She was not the one taking care of the children, instead the family hired a number of nannies to raise the kids.

Again, there is not much wrong about this as long as you can afford the nannies, but the real problem is that Jackie is practically absent from her children’s lives because she prefers travelling all over the world at her own terms to taking care of the kids.

3 Tom Cruise Chose Scientology Over His Daughter

When Katie Holmes gave birth to a daughter from her marriage to Tom Cruise, the world was pleasantly surprised. Cruise already have two children from his previous marriage to Nicole Kidman indeed, but these kids were adopted. Born in 2006, Suri immediately turned into a regular fixture in entertainment news; Cruise’s relationship with Holmes was always a hot topic as well.

Suddenly the couple decided to split, resulting in a series of rumors about who would finally get custody of the daughter. It did not take long until people assumed that Scientology was a major reason not only behind the divorce but also the apparent lack of Cruise’s involvement in his daughter’s life.

Holmes was awarded primary custody of Suri in 2012; on the other hand, the father seemed to distance himself from the family even further. There have been reports suggesting that Cruise has not seen his biological daughter for many years.

2 Bill Hudson Tried To Take Back His Last Name

Both Kate and Oliver Hudson are no stranger to the limelight. Children of the famed Goldie Hawn, they also grew up to be popular figures in the entertainment industry. While it does seem that things turned out great for the two, there was an unfortunate event during their early years that they would not easily forget; their father, Bill Hudson, abandoned them.

After their parents, Bill Hudson and Goldie Hawn, divorced, Kate and Oliver were raised by her mother and Kurt Russell, her mother’s longtime lover. Kurt Russell practically became their go-to father because Bill Hudson was not involved in his children’s lives in any way.

Kurt Russell was the only father figure that Kate and Oliver knew for much of their upbringing. Oliver Hudson once posted a picture of himself, his sister, and his biological father to social media, captioned “Happy Abandonment Day” and Bill did not take it well. Bill hit back by saying that Kate and Oliver were dead to him; he also wanted his two children to stop using “Hudson” as their surname.

1 Billy Bob Thornton Failed To Follow Through With Adoption

Angeline Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton were once regular names in news headlines mainly because a lot of people thought they made a somewhat bizarre couple. They married in 2000, and it only took just 2 years until they decided to adopt a child; the lucky one was a young boy from Cambodia named Maddox.

Although Thornton was pretty much involved in the adoption process, he could not seem to handle the potential responsibilities he had to carry as a parent. Just three months after they had made public announcement of the adoption, Thornton and Jolie decided to part ways.

Thornton also did not follow through his plan to be the adoptive father for Maddox, leaving Jolie as a single mother to the boy. Later on Thornton made it clear that being a father was not part of his plan at that time. There was a rumor suggesting that Jolie’s desire to become a mother caused a major rift in the relationship to begin with.

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