It’s just another day where you’re about to read about one of the most shockingly unique incidents in medical history.

Throughout our lives, our parents and teachers have been instructing us to steer clear of all the dangers that could do us more damage than anticipated and could potentially even cost us our lives.

Some of these reasons may be rhetorical; others superstition based, but then some just seem to be unbelievably absurd.

It’s the kind of fairytale-like anecdotes we would hear growing up and that we now tend to brush off casually. It is unfortunate to acknowledge the existence of such unbelievable incidental stories that occur in ordinary people’s lives.

Stories like these are just amusing and overwhelming, both at the same time. What you’re about to read is no exception, either.

Coming in from a real-life story in California- Austin became known as the exemplary lesson for those who over-consume on energy drinks.

Austin became a victim of a brain hemorrhage during an excruciating tiresome period in his work-life. Apparently, the hemorrhage resonated due to his (quite normal) obsession with energy drinks.

In a Facebook post shared on a page, namely Endres Photography, in Sacramento, California, a brief description of Austin’s life appeared.

The post came with attached pictures depicting the beautiful relationship between Austin and his family despite his peculiar head deformity.

A woman who prefers people to call her Brianna described Austin’s story and the impact it has brought on their lives.

She recalled how her husband survived due to an almost fatal brain hemorrhage resulting from an excessive consumption of energy drinks.

What Went Wrong

Brianna explained how Austin began to over-consume energy drinks. His new unhealthy addiction was a result of his long hours of working and traveling back and forth.

This eventually became life-threatening for Austin, and little did he know he was about to face his biggest challenge yet. The horrific details tell us how Austin’s mother woke Brianna that morning in utter panic.

Austin had met an unfortunate accident that led him to the hospital. Brianna expresses ‘the worst part’ was nobody knew what the real reason behind Austin’s hospitalization was. The curiosity did not last long.

The shocking details were soon revealed, which happened to be the real deal behind the terrifying accident. Austin had undergone a brain hemorrhage, and the news of Austin going into a coma was quickly revealed to Brianna.

Several tests were prescribed, which included a ruling out for drugs and a toxicology screening before the doctors identified the reason.

Just as they were least expecting, Austin’s unhealthy overdose of energy drinks became the seed of his misfortune.

Who knew energy drinks could become a source of illness as fatal as a brain hemorrhage? That was not the end for Austin and his family’s struggle. Austin had then fallen prey to multiple brain surgeries.

He also had to endure unforeseen strokes, swelling of the brain, and seizures that amplified the situation negatively.

Just as things could not get any worse, Austin’s frontal skull was removed. It was assumed that during one of Austin’s surgeries, the doctors had suggested removing a portion of his skull.

As scary as that sounds, imagine having to live with such a condition and the guilt of having an unhealthy (yet very normal) attachment with energy drinks.

How Have Austin And His Family Been Coping With His Unusual Impairment

Dealing with a family member inflicted with a serious illness is certainly not an easy task to go through. The fact of how the tables turned for this family shows how unpredictable life can be at times.

Brianna took on to share another heartbreaking moment for the family. She enlightened us with her and her husband being nine months pregnant with their first child.

She recalled how that period of her life was ‘so hard.’ Brianna was always looking forward to having Austin by her side and be a part of this overwhelming moment together.

She pictured Austin assisting her through the process, being next to her, hand-in-hand, to welcome their son into the world.

A part of Brianna was missing, and something did not feel right. While Brianna was delivering her son, Austin woke up from his coma. An event that Brianna recalls as a “beautiful miracle.”

Brianna took matters into her hands when Austin awoke from his coma. Being a mother of a newborn child, she explained how she takes care and nurtures Austin out of sheer love.

Austin’s wife is looking after his meal preparations, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. She remains vigilant about his hygiene, assists him with his walk, and pretty much every aspect of his life.

What’s Next

Austin has a long way of recovery ahead of him. However, overpoweringly, true love did not succumb to this man’s misfortune. Austin might have been unlucky with his disability but he has a caring family that continues to love him.

Despite all the hardships, this power couple is still going strong. Brianna signed off saying they are working hard every day to make Austin’s life better and help him recover. She remains hopeful that they will make it through eventually.

Brianna also expressed that until then, she will stick by Austin in his recovery process.

“I will never give up on him. Because love is selfless, and I love him more than life itself.” – Brianna.

The Bottom Line

Austin’s survival is a miracle and an example itself of how unhealthy obsessions can bring dire consequences. Not every one of us is fortunate to have a supportive family as Austin’s.

You must ensure the safety of you and your loved ones by discouraging the consumption of toxic and harmful edibles. Endure necessary precautions today to live a happy, healthy life tomorrow.

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