Forsyth County Department of Corrections

8 /10 Speak Of The Devil

It was around 2010 that he started running afoul of the law. He was accused of strangling his mother, Cynthia, with who he lived and was put on 12 months probation less than a year later. He also had an accomplice, Amber Burch, who he falsely claimed was his wife since 2009.

They were together for most of his guilty escapades and assisted in some of his more dark and twisted rites and activities.

7 /10 The Devil In The Details

In 2010, Algarad was charged with accessory to murder when he gave shelter to a suspect in a shooting. He lied to officers as well and tried to keep them off his property.

When this misdeed was discovered, he was given a psychiatric evaluation, who determined that he was schizophrenic, agoraphobic, and was tending towards alcoholism.

Despite all of that, he was still legally sane and in control of himself, which made his future actions even more horrible.


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