Parents can be harsh sometimes. They yell at you, ground you, make you do chores you don’t want to do. In most cases, that is the extent of their strictness.

However, some cases are quite unusual, so much so that they will make your skin crawl. History is full of them, but there is one in particular that stands out.

It is one of the more recent instances that highlight that some parents can indeed be sinister.

A couple from Germany recently made the news after judges sentenced them to prison for selling their son online.

There is more to the story, though.

The parents didn’t attempt to hand their child over to another guardian willing to take care of him. Instead, they sold him to a pedophile on the dark web of all places.

When Did The Trial Begin?

The German couple appeared in court at the beginning of 2018s.

Their lawyer had the hefty task of defending them against multiple counts of forced prostitution, pedophilia, s*xual abuse, and child p*rnography distribution.

The defendants, Berrin T and Christina L, were in a world of trouble as deep down in their hearts; they knew they would face severe punishment.

Fathers are most commonly the perpetrators in most child abuse cases.

However, this one was different as the mother took center stage with her accomplice – who was also the child’s stepfather.

P*mping Out Her Son

Nothing could be more traumatizing for a child than finding out his/her mother was responsible for p*mping them to drug-addicted pedophiles.

The boy’s mom separated from his blood father quite early. She married someone else who was equally sinister as her, if not more.

They never had steady jobs and were finding a lot of difficulties making ends meet.

Add that to the fact that the couple had unusual s*xual fetishes, which were quite evil and sadistic.

One of them stumbled upon the dark web and learned that they could prostitute their child for massive amounts of money.

For those who don’t know, the dark web is a decentralized online platform that keeps users wholly anonymous and untraceable.

It is a cesspool of illegal activities where people buy and sell a variety of items that you would never find in a regular shop.

It also contains thousands of illegal p*rnographic videos where vile people abuse children and animals.

So, the couple decided to utilize this platform to make money.

The couple instantly stumbled upon someone who wanted a child to fulfill their depraved s*xual fantasies.

The parents immediately sold him and got a sizeable sum of cash in return.

Soon, this became a frequent occurrence, and the boy’s mother turned his life into a living nightmare by selling him to someone else soon after he returned.

What’s so depressing about this entire predicament is that no one speculated these people involved in such activities.

It could have saved the boy’s childhood and prevented the trauma from setting deep in his brain.

Immoral To The Core

The boy’s mother gave him away to anyone who would request.

People offered her extra money to brutalize and humiliate the kid, and she obliged.

There was one person, however, who asked the mother if he could kill the boy after r*ping him.

She declined his request, telling him that killing was out of bounds.

However, she did allow the pedophile to m*lest and film the child.

Child m*lesters on the dark web were not the only people who abused this kid.

His parents would also perform vile s*xual acts on him when no one purchased him.

They would create dozens of p*rnographic videos and sell them online for bucket loads of cash.

The child threatened to inform the authorities about his sinister parents in several instances, but they would lock him up inside, taping his mouth shut.

His mother would also use various terrorizing tactics to ensure that he kept his mouth silent.

Nine Years Of Abuse

The child went through nine years of physical and emotional trauma.

Some say that it would scar him for life and hamper him from doing well in life.

Many victims who go through emotional scarring during childhood suffer from psychological issues and mental disabilities that hold them back.

Hopefully, this abuse victim does well and proves the naysayers wrong.

What Was The Judge’s Sentence?

As discussed earlier, the charges against this couple were quite massive.

The judge gave a twelve-year sentence to the couple and also fined them 42,500 Euros in damages.

Of course, people who were following this case were furious with this sentence. They were expecting them to serve for life, and twelve-year imprisonment seemed like a slap on the wrist.

The news went viral, and people did not take kindly to it.

They wanted the judge to reverse the decision and give harsher punishments to the culprits.

Sadly, however, nothing changed, and the decisions remained the same.

A Larger Pedophile Ring

Authorities discovered that the couple was part of a massive pedophile ring in Germany.

The secretive group kidnapped and exchanged children for cash.

Sadly, police officers were only successful in arresting ten of the people from this ring.

Some say that the victim’s parents were the organization’s heads, although there has been nothing to prove if these claims are authentic.

A year after judges sentenced the parents to prison, German authorities received an anonymous tip that provided the whereabouts of several other members of the pedophile ring.

Officers immediately arrested them and bought them in for questioning.

Unfortunately, nothing these criminals provided led to further arrests, but officials remain hopeful that they’ll catch more child m*lesters in the future.

Where Is The Boy Now?

According to several highly-reputable reports, the s*xual abuse victim is living with a caring foster family.

People accused the German authorities of not providing him adequate care.

Fortunately, the boy is in good hands and hopefully, his family provides him a life that makes him forget about the nastiness he endured during his younger days.

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