When you hear of “a knight in shining armor,” I can almost guess the picture that forms in your mind – a tall, dark, and handsome knight coming to sweep his damsel in distress off her feet and then put an end to all her worries.

Well, not Brazil’s Pedro Rodrigues Filho – aka Pedrinho Matador (Killer Petey) – the serial killer of other criminals.

He doesn’t come dressed like your typical hero of the day but carries out “justice” as he deems fit on specific categories of people like drug dealers, gang members, rapists, sex offenders, and abusers.  

While he might seem a knight for some (with 99% of his victims being his fellow bad guys and criminals), he is no Messiah, and not even for the victims of the criminals he killed.

What do they say about two wrongs never made it right?

10 /10 The Perfect Psychopath?

If psychopaths had to pass some tests to be considered one, you can bet it’d be based on Pedro’s life. 

He was born in June 1954 with a fractured skull due to an injury inflicted by his father on his mom when she was pregnant with him. 

Pedro also had a childhood characterized by physical abuse from his abusive father. He first had the surge to kill at the teenage age of 13 when he pushed his cousin into a sugar cane press.

He also carried out his killings through various M.O.s, sometimes adopting the M.O. of the criminals he killed – a classic psychopath.


9 /10 Roaming Free... Right Or Wrong?

After being sentenced to almost 400 years in prison (including an additional sentence of 128 years for the crimes he committed in prison), he was released in 2007 due to the 30-year maximum jail-term law in Brazil. 

He was later arrested again in 2011 for charges of riot and deprivation of liberty but was released in 2018. 

Pedro now roams free in the streets and even runs a YouTube channel where he gives commentary on his crimes and crimes general, including “advising” people to steer clear criminal activities. Shocker!


8 /10 Killer And Celebrity

It isn’t unusual to find people like Pedro being the subject of interviews, awe, and most times, hatred. According to Pedro, when people see him on the streets, they rush to take pictures and to engage his shy self in conversations. 

He claims his YouTube channel is a source of inspiration to many of his subscribers but acknowledges that some may not have accepted him.

They are always quick to attack and criticize him, which is the typical reaction to someone who has committed many heinous crimes.

7 /10 There's Always A First Time

There must be a first victim for every serial killer, and this is no different about Pedro. 

After his unsuccessful murder attempt at age 13, Pedro committed his first murder at age 14, killing the deputy mayor of his city (Santa Rita do Sapucai) with a shotgun for having fired his father for stealing food from the school kitchen where he worked as a school guard. 

He then killed another school guard whom he suspected of actually stealing the food. After these two murders, he left his city and fled to Mogi das Cruzes, Sao Paulo.

6 /10 Judge And Jury

Pedro saw himself as a god, deciding who goes scot-free and who doesn’t – most of the time leaning into the latter’s appeal. 

After his first arrest in May 1973, he went ahead to kill about 46 fellow prison inmates, which extended the time he was to eventually get released from prison to 2017, targeting rapists, murderers, and likes. 

Quite striking is the murder he committed at his arrest. He killed the criminal who was in the same police van as he was. His reason? The victim was a known rapist.

5 /10 Revenge Is A Just Cause

Pedro was lucky to find love in Mogiin, the person of Maria Aparecida Olympia – aka Botinha. You can say that one thing led to another, and they got close and started living together.  

Botinha later became pregnant but their happily ever after love story was cut short when she was killed by a rival drug lord in retaliation for Pedro’s attack on drug traffickers. 

This didn’t sit well with teenage Pedro, and he went after the culprits with his group of friends in a wedding ceremony, killing 7 of the rival gang members and leaving 16 injured – no thanks to the gang leader’s ex-wife, who rattled him out.

4 /10 Bringing It Home

You see, one may think killing his father’s accusers for falsely accusing his father of theft was a profound show of love.

Still, events down the line showed that family relationships meant nothing to Pedro, especially if he has passed a guilty verdict upon such a person. 

One of Pedro’s early revenge-victims was his dad, whom he stabbed 22 times in the city prison, where he served time for killing Pedro’s mom with a machete.  

Some claimed he carved out his dad’s heart after that and ate a piece of it, which will make him a one-time cannibal.

3 /10 The Killing Continues

Pedro’s dad wasn’t the only victim who met his end for hurting a family member so dear to Pedro’s heart.

The same fate met his favorite cousin’s boyfriend, who got her pregnant and refused to marry her. Sadly for the baby daddy, things didn’t go as planned.

And if only he thought to see a different option through, that which didn’t involve abandoning his pregnant girlfriend, he’d be alive today to read this, possibly.

2 /10 Murderer And Robber

The number of deaths caused by Pedro stands at a whopping 71 to 100 murders.

He is known for saying that his favorite killing methods are stabbing and hacking, which is no shocker considering he stabbed his father 22 times and went by the same M.O with his various other victims.

He also confirmed he got thrilled by the murders he committed.  Not surprising, Pedro wasn’t only a murderer of criminals; he was also a thief. 

On his arriving Mogi, he robbed the drug hideouts of Mogi(killing drug traffickers as he went about pilfering) and eventually trafficking in their stead.

1 /10 Maybe A Sociopath Deep Down?

Pedro has been described as a sociopath instead of a psychopath for the single reason that his affection for his mother and girlfriend drove him into avenging their deaths. 

A psychopath, however, is incapable of feeling and having affection. However, this seems defeated following the fact that he once killed a prison inmate because he didn’t like his face and another because he snored too much. 

So, maybe a sociopath deep down? No, it doesn’t seem so. While murder is what it is – a murder – whether fueled by passion, revenge, or hate, it is not every day that we get to examine the case of a pot calling kettle black as this one.

Killer Petey might have wanted to do right by his loved ones, and by extension, the society, but instead, he became guilty of the same actions he killed for.  

However, if you ever wonder why he so comfortably took the law into his hands, you may ask him in person if you ever get to see him on the streets. 

Only be careful, though, and make sure you do not have a criminal record, or you might end up his latest victim.

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