Anytime you see celebrities walking down the red carpet on just about every occasion, they look flawless with their fancy clothing and (mostly) impeccable makeup.

You rarely see them in real-life, leading to a belief that all those celebrities do always look and smell good in their day-to-day activities, regardless of time and place.

Well, you’re wrong. Behind the scenes, those stars are not as perfect as you might imagine.

As a matter of fact, some (if not many) have a terrible approach to personal hygiene that it would drive people away. Perhaps that is the exact purpose, or plain-and-simple a lack of proper self-care.

If you are rich and famous, chances are you have money to buy deodorant, soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, and all other toiletries.

You probably can spend a fortune to buy an entire beauty shop. For the following celebrities, money is not a problem; the lack of motivation fails them in personal hygiene department.

10 Jennifer Aniston

Before earning her stardom status from her role as Rachel Green in Friends, Jennifer Anniston spent some time living with a roommate who apparently gave some gross revelations about her personal hygiene issues.

The roommate, Nancy Balbirer, said that Aniston could be a little awkward to live with because of her reluctance to maintain cleanliness.

Balbirer claimed the roommate would do bikini waxes on a shared couch and stuff her bra with actual chicken cutlets from supermarket.

Of course Aniston denied the claim, but you cannot help but wonder, as always.

9 Leonardo DiCaprio

As a person who is so obsessed with going green, Leonardo DiCaprio perhaps takes it a little bit too far for his own good.

DiCaprio’s love for the environment has made him unbelievably cheap when it comes to water; in other words, he doesn’t want to waste water even for showering.

He does take shower, but only several times a week. To make things worse, DiCaprio despises deodorant because he considers it unnatural.

Rumor has it that DiCaprio often misses his trash days, causing him to smell as bad as his home.

8 Julia Roberts

Our Pretty Woman Julia Roberts once told Oprah in 2008 that he had not used deodorant for quite a while.

A former security guard added that the female actor didn’t use soap either. Roberts would go for days without showering for the sake of water conservation.

But “going green” might not be the only reason because Roberts actually liked the smell of her natural oils.

We can’t say for sure if those “oils” referred to “sweats” or something else entirely.

7 Zac Efron

There is no denying that Zac Efron is a true attention grabber both on screen and in the real world.

From his role in Baywatch, you would easily assume that the actor loves getting into the water and shower afterward but that is not the case. Efron is not particularly a big fan of showering.

Rather than using soap and water to maintain personal hygiene, he uses baby wipes more often than not.

Considering he is an active person who works out on regular basis and plays basketball, his smell is almost certainly gross, no matter how many packs of baby wipes he uses.

6 Britney Spears

When you think of Britney Spears, the image of an idealized female beauty comes to mind.

As usual, assumptions are sometimes wrong, and this time is no different.

One of her former bodyguards reported that Spears would often pick her nose, chain-smoked cigarettes, and go without bathing for days.

She neither brushed her teeth nor used deodorant. Even worse, Spears also farted in front of people unapologetically.

Now that is far from what most people consider lady-like characteristics, let alone a diva.

5 Robert Pattinson

It does seem that actor Robert Pattinson has managed to look clean recently, but it wasn’t always that way.

When The Twilight Saga reached its peak, Pattinson failed terribly in personal hygiene matter. There were times when he had not washed his hair for six weeks.

When asked about that, he simply said that there was no point in keeping the hair clean if you didn’t care about it at all. But hair is not the only victim of Pattinson’s care-free approach as he also couldn’t see the point in cleaning up his own apartment.

4 Anderson Cooper

It is true that Anderson Cooper is not a Hollywood star, but he is a regular on your TV screen bringing stories about popular people from all walks of life.

In one of the now-famous interviews, he claimed to wear the same pair of jeans every day without washing it for months.

When Cooper does wash the jeans, he would wear them while taking a shower.

It doesn’t even happen that often either; he washes his jeans, maybe twice in six months.

3 Matthew McConaughey

In a 2005 interview with People, the True Detective actor Matthew McConaughey claimed he had not used deodorant for 20 years. His reason was pretty simple really.

He did not like to smell like anything other than himself.

He added that if his smell started to bother somebody else, he would take a shower.

One person was really bothered: his co-star in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Kate Hudson.

In the set, Hudson would bring salt rock and asked McConaughey to put those on.

2 Johnny Depp

Maybe the true reason why Johnny Depp played Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of Caribbean so well is because he doesn’t usually take shower.

You would often find the actor smell so bad because personal hygiene is never a priority for him. Depp just don’t see the big deal about bathing.

His ex, Vanessa Paradis, is not that much different either. For a while, they were the perfect match in terms of cleanliness, although it would be difficult for anybody else to be around them.

1 Cameron Diaz

If Matthew McConaughey and Julia Roberts do not like deodorant, Cameron Diaz does not like antiperspirant.

In an interview with E! News in 2014, Diaz said she had not used antiperspirant for almost 20 years.

She believed that antiperspirant actually made her stinky instead of protecting from sweat and odor.

Diaz is reportedly pretty lazy when it comes to changing clothes as well.

She would go for days wearing the same outfit, and then discarding it instead of washing it for reuse.

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