Everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses along with specific characteristics that make them who they are.

Their backgrounds, upbringings, educations, genetics, and physical traits create a set of identity and shape personality.

Each of them has unique stories to tell, and the stories you are about to read here must be some of the most extraordinary and perhaps bizarre.

Rest assured that there will be no disturbing images here, but you may find some stories quite peculiar to say the least.

Few people in the following list are physically healthy, yet they are motivated to perform extreme body modifications and achieve dramatic changes to their appearance; case in point, Mayra Hills and Cathie Jung.

Some others have extraordinary traits such as physical strength and age-defying skin complexion.

One person suffered from a rare medical condition that rendered him almost completely incapacitate throughout life.

Let us first start with someone who almost disappears under his own tattoos and piercings.

10 Rolf Buchholz

The heavily tattooed German man, Rolf Buchholz, earned a spot in the Gunnies World Records not for the size and shape of tattoos on his body, but for the amount of piercings in his body.

As of 2010 (when he was inducted to the record), Buchholz had 453 piercings, making him the most pierced man in the world.

Of all those piercings, 278 were around his genitalia and 158 around his lips; the rest were scattered all over the body including ears, eyebrows, tongue, nose, nipples, and navel.

He also has a set of devil horns now.

9 Jonathan Pitre

Also known as Butterfly Boy, the beloved Ottawa-area teenager was born with a rare genetic mutation known as recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa (RDEB), a painful disorder that caused his skins to easily blister and tear.

This condition is incurable. Pitre spent most of his life undergoing medical treatments including operations and experimental stem cell transfusion at the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital.

Despite the condition, Pitre always displayed inspiring outlook to everyone around him He died on April 4, 2018 at the age of 17.

8 Yazemeenah Rossi

In her early 60s, Yazemeenah Rossi is as passionate as she has ever been about her career as a photographer and even more surprisingly a model.

The grandmother also refuses to dye her hair, which have now turned entirely grey.

The hair is probably the worst of her problem; despite the age, her skin is just as smooth and vital as a girl in her 20s.

Rossi even claims that there is no secret to that apart from eating organic food, yoga, and active s*x life.

When most girls enter modeling industry in their teenage years, Rossi became a professional model at the age of 30.

7 Aneta Florczyk

Starting a career as powerlifter athlete at the age of 16, Aneta Florczyk became World’s Strongest Woman in 2003, 2005, 2006, and 2008.

According to Guinness World Records, she has won the competition more than any woman in history.

Before all of those, Florczyk also came out number 1 in Polish Championships several times.

Florczyk became an online sensation when a video footage showing her rolling a frying pan surfaced online.

She is now 38 years old, and she only seems to grow even stronger.

6 Amou Haji

This one Iranian man is in his late 80s, yet he is still single and most likely looking for love.

His name is Amou Haji; he lives in a hole somewhere in southern Iran. If there is anybody interested, bear in mind that this man has a rather unconventional lifestyle.

In addition to living in a hole, Haji has never taken a bath for 60 years or so.

He believes cleanliness makes him sick. His favorite food is rotten porcupine. He smoked animal feces – instead of tobacco – with his pipe.

5 Lu Zhihao

Parents should not worry in case their toddlers weigh several pounds more than what is considered ideal.

Things are different for the parents of Lu Zhihao (or Xiao Hao), because this boy weighed 132 pounds, and that was in 2011 when he was just 3 years old.

His parents Lu Yuncheng and Chen Yuan were bewildered why Hao grew so big despite being born weighing a normal 5.7lbs.

Starting from 3-months of age, Hao’s near insatiable appetite became more apparent by the week.

Thankfully a health center from Hong Kong offered to help Hao lose weight for free. He is now on a strict diet and trying to make a recovery.

4 Georgina Harwood

A series of family sorrows shadowed the last years of Georgina Harwood.

Her husband died in 1964; her brother was murdered, her son-in-law’s death was followed by the death of her only child Aurea.

On November 21, 2005, Georgina decided to celebrate her 100th birthday by doing something no centenarian has ever done before: skydiving and diving with sharks (the sharks were in cage, of course).

Harwood died on February 26, 2006 at the age of a century.

She actually picked up the skydiving hobby pretty late when she was 92 years old.

3 Cathie Jung

The smallest waist in the world belongs to Cathie Jung, according to Guinness World Records.

She stands at 5’8” and has a corseted waist circumference of just 15-inch. Without the corset, it measures at 21-inch.

Jung is not actually an enthusiast of body modification, but she is fascinated (probably too much) by Victorian clothes.

She started wearing training belt at the age of 38 to reduce her (then) 26-inch waist. She has worn corset for 23 hours a day since 1983.

2 Gary Turner

Also known as Gary “Stretch” Turner, this man can stretch his belly into a table. His skin is so loose to the point where he can stretch it so far, making himself look so bizarre.

Now in his late 40s, Turner suffers from a rare genetic disorder called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS).

In addition to making his skin overly stretchy, the condition also renders his joints frail.

He is now a performer of the Royal Family of Horror People, and previously a star of the Circus of Horror.

1 Beshine (Mayra Hills)

Better known online as Benshine, this raunchy model’s real name is Mayra Hills.

She also is a record holder for something probably a little too peculiar for most: the largest fake boobs.

In her NSFW website, she lists her weight as 130 pounds, but it is hard to believe considering that each of her boobs has 1,000 cc of saline.

The boobs also should weigh at least 40 pounds; that is like the weight of an average 7-year-old kid.

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