8 /10 Door Prize

People come from around the world to try their hand at passing through the McKamey Manor to get to the other side, but it’s not that easy.

The “horror boot camp” lasts upwards of 10 hours, with one sadistic, torturous event after another designed not just to break people’s minds but their spirits as well.

Admission is one large bag of dog food, valued at whatever dog food sells for at the store, so probably between $10 and $20 depending on the brand, but anyone who survives the whole event is promised $20,000

In the many years it’s been open, no one has managed to claim the reward.

McKamey Manor

7 /10 No Limits

The staff at the Manor are regular people like you and me until they put their costumes on.

Ordinary family men with stressful jobs dress up as demonic clowns, rabid zombies, serial killers, and demented tormentors to reign terror and sow horror into the guests for the evening.

It’s fun for them. Unlike traditional haunted houses with scripts and set-ups, the men at the McKamey Manor are given comprehensive instructions and are trusted to “go nuts” with the guests.


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