From the stories of successful artists, Frida Kahlo’s history is incredibly unique. She was a successful artist who loved her dad, and that’s how her innovative side of life came to be since her childhood.

The kind of love she had for her dad made her come up with a painting of her father, who had the words intelligent, beautiful, and generous at the portrait frame.

The painting was made in 1951, but Frida was a mural artist and gained popularity over the past years due to her excellent work.

Diego Rivers married this famous artist later, and she changed her household name to the Diegos family name.

Many people admired this couple because Frida had a good fashion taste as she walked in the streets men would stumble staring at her.

Frida Kahlo With One Of Her Paintings

In 1939 Frida was featured in a popular art show with only the best artists, so she was the first Mexican artist to appear on the site.

Frida Kahlo was a bisexual, meaning that she was into both men and women, so she had sexual relationships with both genders.

Her dress code was unisex, but people thought because she was an artist, it was normal, but little did they know about her sexuality.

Her husband became a part of her popularity and fame because he was also a renowned artist. They made masterpieces of together as a couple.

Kahlo was a polio survivor, but from her story, she said that her parents began showing her more love after she was diagnosed with this illness.

The relationship between Frida and her husband had many challenges, and they divorced then she started tutoring art to students in a group called Los fridos.

People tend to think that art is easy, but Frida made it an area students could specialize and make a living through it.

The skills she taught to her students involved many virtues like self-discipline, love, care, and affection. During this time, there was a Russian revolution, and a politician called Leon Trotsky came with his wife to Mexico, where Frida Kahlo took them in.

Before the wife realized, Frida was already in an affair with Leon Trotsky. She was a lover of life despite her sexuality differences that people had different opinions about.

She believed in the YOLO slogan and said to her students that they needed to have fun before leaving the world.

In short, she was a lover of life and knew how to have fun. She was a strong lady because she attended one show or exhibition while in an ambulance.

That shows how she loved her career and would give anything up to succeed with her art. Diego Rivera later remarried Frida Kahlo, and they had reared many animals at their home.

The animals weren’t exactly pets but interesting animals like deers, birds, and monkeys. Most of Frida’s portraits were self-portraits that she did whenever she felt lonely, and her success stories were in many art galleries.

Time magazine wrote that her paintings “had the daintiness of miniatures, the vivid reds, and yellows of Mexican tradition, the playfully bloody fancy of an unsentimental child.”

Frida With Her Famous “The Two Fridas” Art

Despite the domestic troubles she endured, Kahlo’s home was never dreary nor dull. She often hosted and cooked elaborate meals with her stepdaughter Guadalupe Rivera.

Frida’s life wasn’t as perfect as if it seemed because she could hide her pain behind the success stories. After all, a smile can hide many things about a person, which was the case in Frida Kahlo’s case.

She had endured many tragedies, even accidents, but she came out strong by expressing her emotions in her portraits.

Guilleimo was Frida’s father, and he showed her basics of art, which she majored in and became a popular artist.

She had a physical disability, but this didn’t make her stop striving for excellence. After marriage, she suffered miscarriages too, but that still didn’t hold her back from attaining excellence.

Both Kahlo and Diego had many extramarital affairs, and fights between the couple were obvious just like other relationships.

The divorce had occurred because Diego had an affair with Kahlo’s sister, but later on, the couple remarried.

Frida And Her Husband, Diego Rivera

The couple couldn’t have children, and Frida had many miscarriages, but she suffered internal injuries after her accident and polio. Later, her polio led to gangrene which led to her fingers being amputated.

The doctors’ attempts to fix Frida Kahlo’s condition caused her to undergo many surgeries, including spinal surgery. According to Amy Fine Collins, “Frida exhorted her guests to look at her oozing sore.”

When doctors drained it, Hayden Herrera wrote that the artist exclaimed over its “beautiful shade of green.”

Frida expressed all these emotions through art, and she went through the spine surgery in 1950, but the operation wasn’t successful.

Later in 1953, she lost her leg, and the only thing she wished for was wings to fly, but as a strong and passionate artist, she did not give up on her dreams.

Later on, the illness overwhelmed Kahlo, and she died, but her legacy still lives on her works of art.

In Frida Kahlo’s lifetime, she had produced over 200 art pieces that had gained popularity globally.

All her art pieces are in many museums and art galleries internationally. She had four sisters that said how her life was an inspiration to many, especially young artists with big aspirations.

The style and unique art pieces of Frida Kahlo make many people remember her up to date.

The story of Frida Kahlo shows that you can achieve your goals despite the challenges you face.

Rivera stood by his wife despite the inability to bear kids or her illnesses, and their love was stronger than all challenges.

She was a great inspiration to many people, and her paintings are showcased up to date in many locations.

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