What do you get when you cross a catholic priest and two dominatrices on a consecrated altar in a church?

Come on, give it a try. Nothing? Okay, we’ll help you out. A not-so-holy trinity. Get it? No?

Well, if you were at Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church, after hours, on September 30, you most probably will.

Just like the witness who called the police after allegedly glimpsing the unholy trio of Reverend Travis Clark and two women were going at it, BDSM style, on the altar.

That’s one heck of a stairway to heaven. But, enough with the puns.

Here are some more details on this juicy story.

St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office

10 /10 It Was A Well-Planned Party

According to reports, Travis Clark’s alleged affair didn’t just happen out of the blue. Two lost dominatrices didn’t waltz into the church and lead a holy man astray.

On the contrary, titillating details about the incident suggest that this rendezvous was premeditated. 

The story reveals that the right reverend may have intended to record the whole thing. It was like a movie set. According to the passer-by who called the police, there were props too.

There was stage lighting, sex toys, a mobile phone, and another camera mounted on a tripod stand, making sure, not one minute went unrecorded.

9 /10 They Also Dressed For The Part

The onlooker, who recorded part of the scene before going to the police, also said that the two women wore costumes.

Asides from all the other sexual paraphernalia and doodads, the two women were outfitted in corsets and wore high-heeled boots – to stomp out evil, of course.

The pastor was also partly dressed in his priestly garbs while having sex with the two women who have now been identified as Mindy Dixon, 41, and Melissa Cheng, 23.


8 /10 Mindy Had Saved The Date

And we aren’t talking about drawing a large red circle on a cat calendar. We’re talking socially.

Mindy Dixon, aka Lady Vi, a somewhat known adult film actress and dominatrix, with over 10k followers on an associated social media account, did post that she would meet another dominatrix and “defile a house of God” in the New Orleans area.

Melissa had also allegedly traveled from Atlanta for their three-way S&M session.

St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office

7 /10 They've Been Arrested And Charged

Clark and the two women he described as ‘guests’ were arrested after the police had watched the video recorded by the onlooker.

They were charged with obscenity because their act was allegedly given to the public, and the altar could be seen by anyone passing by.

However, the lawyer for the two dominatrices told DailyMail.com that the women did no wrong and the ‘peeping tom’ was to blame, as his clients and the priest were all consenting adults and the event happened behind closed doors on private property.


6 /10 They've Also Posted Bail

Reverend Travis Clark was released on a $25k bail while the dominatrices were released on a $7500 bail each.

However, Travis would not be returning to his position as clergy, though, as he was suspended almost immediately after his arrest.

5 /10 They Could Spend A Long Time Behind Bars

If found guilty of obscenity in the public view, all three could face six months to three years in prison. 

Bradley Philips, the dominatrices’ lawyer, still maintains that the fact a priest was involved is irrelevant and told people who wish to pass judgment to take it elsewhere.

There has been no news from Travis Clark since his release. However, we’ve got some news on him.

Public Domain

4 /10 He's Been A Priest For A While

Reverend Travis Clark isn’t some greenhorn. He’s been an ordained priest since 2013. That’s seven years on the job. So, he’s not a newbie.

Travis Clark had also been working at Saints Peter and Paul since 2019. But that’s not all.

3 /10 Travis Is Also A Chaplain

Yup, Asides being the parish priest, Travis was also recently appointed as the chaplain of a nearby Catholic school, Pope John Paul II High School. But that isn’t the peculiar thing about this story. It gets weirder. 

The fact is that another New Orleans Priest, a Reverend Pat Wattigny, was formerly the chaplain of the school.

He had resigned after it was found out that he allegedly sent objectionable texts to a student. Clark was his replacement. Talk about a double serving of scandal.

2 /10 Wattigny's Story Continues

If you think that was weird, we’ve got something more bizarre. Exactly the next day after Reverend Travis Clark’s arrest, Reverend Pat Wattigny, the former high school chaplain, allegedly revealed to the Archbishop of New Orleans that he had previously sexually molested a minor in 2013.

Which coincidentally is the same year that Travis Clark was ordained. Either there’s something in the New Orleans air, or the two reverends had their stars crossed in some far distant dimension.

Wattigny has been removed from active ministry. His name has also been added to the Archdiocese’s list of clergy accused of molestation and whose accusation is backed by credible evidence.

You might be wondering what action the Archdiocese is taking on the Travis Clark issue. Well…

Daniel Prudek / Shutterstock.com

1 /10 The Archdiocese

The Archbishop of the New Orleans archdiocese has since performed a ritual to cleanse and re-consecrate its altar. They are a bit hush-hush over the issue, though.

Nevertheless, after Archbishop Aymond suspends Travis Clark, he announced that a new priest, Reverend Carol Shirima, would start serving as Clark’s replacement from October 11.

For some of the parties involved in this scandal, like Travis Clark, this event may be a deep stain on his personality. But it may not be the same for his partners in S&M.

For instance, socially, Lady Dixon seems to be doing well, as her followership on Twitter has seen a steady increase since the church incident. She even has an impersonator.

Parishioners of Saints Peter and Paul are still upset about the whole incident. Kat Walsh, a member of the Town Council, says the question on everyone’s lips is “why there?” Why on the altar? We might never know.

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