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8 /10 Dead Man Incorporated

A predominantly white organized crime enterprise, Dead Man Inc. took shape between the 1980s – 1990s in the Maryland Department of Corrections. A co-founder named Perry Roark was a close associate of the Black Guerilla Family.

Roark was rejected as a full member, yet he received permission to start an organization to unite white inmates.

Initially, Dead Man Inc. worked for Black Guerilla Family, but the former begun operating as an independent organization over time. Members of Dead Man Inc. have been known to be involved in murder-for-hire and drug distribution activities.


7 /10 Ñeta

Like other prison gangs in the United States, Ñeta also originated inside the penal system and expanded its operation outside.

It was formed in 1970 in the Río Piedras State Penitentiary, Puerto Rico. There are around 6,000 members in the United States and about 13,000 more throughout the world.

Members of Ñeta are reportedly involved in burglary, witness intimidation, money laundering, extortion, assault, home invasion, drive-by shooting, and auto theft. The gang’s primary source of income is the distribution of powdered and crack cocaine.


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