Did you ever come across strange occurrences on national television?

You know, those exact moments when you witness something unforeseeable, and it ends up getting viral with the common phrase of ‘caught on camera.

Whether it’s an influencer forgetting the lyrics to a national anthem, news reporters caught off guard when they’re live, weatherman updates “gone wrong,” every day is a strange, peculiar day in the media industry.

Thankfully, we’re able to come across most of these instances over the daily live broadcasts that we watch.

Most of which leaves us amused; however, this one particular incident on live TV will leave you mortified rather than being amused.

Reporters are quite familiar with reporting live during crime scenes, or specific events that are still in the process of happening, staying confident in their daily job.

But what happens when they meet ends with an unfortunate circumstance by themselves?

While delivering a report in Sao Paolo, a woman named Bruna Macedo, A CNN reporter is mugged.

As horrific as that sounds, what’s more, alarming is the fact that the woman was in the middle of delivering live report on national television during the incident.

Cameras were able to film the rare occurrence, live as Macedo began filming an informative report on the rising water levels in Bandeiras.

What she didn’t know was that she was about to witness one of the most traumatic incidents of her life.

What Went Wrong?

Macedo and her news crew were casually reporting from the Banderias Bridge located in Sao Paulo on a cold Saturday.

The rising of the Tete River’s water levels became a new cause of concern as a result of the heavy rain.

In the live footage, we can see how Macedo begins reporting in front of the bridge, speaking to her anchor Rafael Colombo.

Approximately two minutes into reporting, Macedo encounters an odd person.

In what appears to be looking like a homeless man, as he looks over the bridge’s barrier (during the report).

Macedo continues to professionally deliver her broadcast, as the man wearing a beanie hat, covered with a hoodie, stands beside her.

She greets the man at first, as her fellow news anchor continues to speak about the flooding points in Sao Paulo. Merely moments later, the man pulls out a knife at Macedo.

We can see the exact moment of Macedo looking terrified as she takes a few steps back as a form of self-defense.

The scarred news anchor quickly pulls out her two mobile phones, as the mugger prompts Macedo to hand them to him.

A second later, the camera shifts to a scene of a wet street as CNN Brazil immediately makes its final cut.

The Aftermath

Fellow news presenter and anchor Rafael Colombo was reporting live in Spanish from the CNN studio during the robbery.

Colombo had to explain the unfortunate event to puzzled viewers (while engaging with the Brazilian newspaper company, Folha de Sao Paulo), shortly after it took place.

He stated how it was almost impossible to comprehend what was happening at that point or if it was just a homeless passerby.

He further justified that the events that followed forced them to cut the image.

Colombo further added unseen and unheard details of the incident.

Apparently, (as we can see in the footage), the sight of the mugger startles Macedo as he threatens her to hand-in her phone.

The man who was still holding the knife at the time caused her to immediately submit one of her cellphones.

The mugger, however, was aware that she had two in possession, one for corporate use while the other being her personal, ultimately forcing to give-up both.

Thankfully Macedo and her crew were left untouched physically. She did not attain any injuries and returned to the CNN studio unharmed yet mentally scarred.

Colombo ended his discussion on a relieving note, notifying viewers about Macedo’s well-being and that she had a “terrible scare” but is doing just fine.

Poverty In Brazil

Brazil’s extreme state of poverty is left questionable with its unforeseen, tragic crimes. A significant part of the population continues their survival on less than $5.50 per day.

It wouldn’t be unfair to hold the administration accountable for being unable to address its security concerns following poverty levels.

The number of poor people deprived of basic facilities in Brazil amounted to 15.2 million in 2017, which rose by 1.7 million from 2016.

Most of Brazil’s population (except the north) is living in extreme poverty, where poverty percentages are rising every year.

The living conditions are not so great either. A survey conducted in 2017, illustrated 13 percent of the country’s population lives in poor living conditions.

It rated at least one of the following as poor in the survey: Household goods, excessively occupied household, physical traits, and access to services.

Poverty As A Risk To Human Lives

It is no doubt how most countries with developing economies suffer from a positive relationship between high crime rates and poverty.

Poverty has been a rising concern to human lives as individuals forcibly commit crimes as their only chance of survival.

The incident in Brazil is just another reason why authorities need to take security factors and poverty lines more seriously.

Theft in broad day-light and national television is alarming, to say the very least as criminals are least bothered by the consequences.


The event sure must have been life-changing for Macedo and her crew.

These brave reporters continue reporting even amidst a global pandemic.

Therefore, their safety, along with other occupational forces, must be considered more seriously.

Hopefully, the news industry might consider equipping vulnerable reporters with basic self-defense gear to prevent such unfortunate incidents from happening again.

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