8 /10 The Torture Chamber

To satisfy his urges of sexual sadism (that went far, far beyond what was deemed acceptable in the BDSM scenes that he started to frequent), Rhodes built a torture chamber in the back of his truck, making an improvised room between the loading space itself and the cabin.

In this space, he began chaining and torturing the women (and only the women) that he picked in the road, performing his depraved sexual acts on them before killing them and dumping their bodies in locations around the country.


7 /10 A Murderer's Gender Politics

In a clear demonstration of how a person without empathy and with sadistic sexual desire regards others, Rhoades murder methods discriminated clearly between men and women, whom he would often pick up as couples.

The women were kept alive for weeks, tortured, and then killed, while the men (useless, from the point of view of the sex-hungry psychopath) were immediately killed in front of their terrified partners and their bodies dumped before a couple of hours.


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