The parents, who are from Centralia, Washington, have fled from authorities after it came to light that their 16-year-old son had suffered years of maltreatment at their hands.

Doctors Horrified At State Of Teenager

The authorities became aware of the teenager’s chronic condition when the parents sought medical advice about his condition.

The doctors immediately realized that there was cause for concern, and alerted the authorities. Q13 Fox reported that the police found the teenager in a terrible state at their home.

The plight of this teenager came to the attention of the authorities after his parents asked for medical help last year.

They expressed concern that the boy had not eaten anything for the previous three weeks, and intimated that it was the reason why he had lost so much weight.

They claimed that he had stopped eating because he was suffering from depression. He was admitted to the Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital where he was examined by doctors.

They became instantly alarmed when he weighed in at only 54 pounds (just over 24 kg.) This is chronically under-weight for a boy in his mid- teens.

Too Weak To Stand On His Own

Further questions about his wellbeing were raised as they continued their examinations. They found that the boy was too weak to stand up unsupported for any length of time.

X-rays revealed that his bone age had not matured proportionately, and was estimated to be that of a 13 year old.

At first sight, doctors had assumed that he was about eight years old, and were shocked and horrified to find out that he was 16 years of age.

It was not possible to give the teenager a throat examination. This was due to the fact that he was unable to open his mouth wide enough.

From what little could be seen, it was obvious from the state of his teeth, that he had not received the dental support that he was desperately in need of. He had 24 teeth that needed urgent attention.

There were numerous, large bald patches on his head, and it soon became clear that he was suffering for numerous other medical problems as well.

He Had Never Been Taught To Use The Toilet

Police reports indicated that the boy had never been taught to perform the most basic of human functions. He appeared to be completely mute, and he had never been enrolled in school. As a result he could not read nor write.

Even worse than that, the teenager had never been taught to use a toilet independently. At the time of the examination he was wearing pull-up diapers, usually used on toddlers. Hardened police officers were shocked at the state of the teenager.

Centralia Detective, Corey Butcher, is reported to have said, “It doesn’t really get any worse than what we saw in this case.” The police were summoned to investigate the parents after doctors reported their alarming findings.

The teenager was removed from their home and given a placement in foster care. A court date was set up and the parents were ordered to appear for a sentencing hearing.

Parents On The Run

The Foxworths did not arrive at the court at the appointed time and a no-bail bench warrant of arrest was issued. It is assumed that they went on the run, and police have asked the public to be on the lookout for the devious couple.

On a positive note, the police have reported that the teenager is making a good recovery since being placed with a nurturing foster family.

In the short time he has been with them he has gained 93 pounds and grown three and a half inches taller.

He is also now attending school and appears to be making academic progress. Butcher checked in on him recently and was pleased with what she saw. “He’s just doing awesome. A totally different kid!” she reported happily.

It has been revealed that the heartless couple had three biological children. However, it appears that only the 16-year-old boy had been maltreated to date.

The authorities are baffled by the fact that the other two siblings were in reasonably good health. They did not appear to have any of the medical conditions that were uncovered during their examinations of the 16-year-old boy.

It is thought that they had a lucky escape and could easily have become victims of the same type of abuse as they got older. Police are now on the hunt for the parents of the boy.

They are 45-year-old Anthony Foxworth and 42-year-old Mary Foxworth, who disappeared after failing to appear for their court hearing.

The State Police have now been enlisted to help with the search for the missing couple, who decided to flee after having abandoned their severely neglected son.

Butcher explained that the police suspect that the couple will try to leave the state in an attempt to avoid taking responsibility for the maltreatment of the teenager.

“Obviously, we’d like to find these people. We’ve got the information they have family in multiple states, everywhere from Georgia to Louisiana, California, Oregon, and Idaho,” she has been quoted as saying.

Admission Of Guilt

Both Anthony and Mary Foxworth eventually pleaded guilty to maltreatment of their 16-year old son.

It was not thought that they posed a flight risk, but subsequently went on the run to avoid being sentenced.

Police have asked the public to keep a lookout for Anthony and Mary Foxworth. They disappeared after pleading guilty to a criminal mistreatment charge in Lewis County Superior Court last year.

A no-bail bench warrant was issued for their arrest after they were a no-show for their sentencing hearing. According to eye-witnesses, the Foxworths were seen in Grand Mound, Washington.

They were spotted filling up their green and silver 1998 Chevrolet Suburban (WA license DP25339) at a gas station there.

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