Sophia Loren came into the world as Sofia Scicolone in Rome, Italy, on September 20, 1934. She went on to become a popular Italian actress and remains one of the last surviving legends from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

She entered a beauty pageant that caused her acquaintances to encourage her to enroll for acting lessons. Sophia began her acting career in 1950 at the age of 16. She initially played minor roles, appearing several bits here and there at the beginning of the decade.

Her international career took flight after she signed a five-picture contract in 1956 with Paramount. Her notable appearances in films during this time include Houseboat. It Started in Naples and The Pride and the Passion.

10 Began Acting In 1950 - Aged 16

Loren launched her acting career in 1950 at the age of 16. She had participated in a beauty pageant that encouraged her to take on acting lessons. Here is a headshot of Loren in Circa 1950. Those sultry eyes were her winning features.

9 At The Peak Of Her Career - 1955

At the age of 21, Sophia was the peak of her acting career. She had delivered stellar performances in The Gold of Naples, Too Bad She’s Bad, and La Bella Mugnaia in 1955. Here is a flamboyant Sophia Loren in Venice, 1955.

8 Media’s Favorite Girl

By 1955, at the age of 21, Sophia had captured the attention of the masses far and wide with her acting and her beauty. The media was absolutely dazzled by her charm, as is evident in this image. Here is Loren surrounded by media at a press conference in 1955.

7 Fashion Icon - Aged 22

At the age of 22, Sophia Loren had firmly established herself as a fashion symbol in the industry. From her beauty pageant at age 14 till today at age 81, Sophia has lived a lifetime of iconic fashion moments and ensembles. She is sporting Christian Dior in this image from 1956.

6 The Millionairess In 1960

At the age of 30, Sophia Loren played the character of Epifania Parerga. She appeared in The Millionairess that Anthony Asquith had directed.

5 A Star In 1958

Sophia Loren had gained the reputation as a star of the industry by 1958, owing to her five-picture contract with Paramount. She poses like a queen in New York, 1958.

4 In 1965

Sophia Loren worked with Gregory Peck in 1965. They collaborated in Arabesque production at Gatwick.

3 Married To Carlo Ponti

Sophia married Carlo Ponti. She is seen receiving her first Alexandar Kirda award with her husband. This award named her the International Star of the Year in 1965, for Lady L, her world premiere film.

2 Loren Gave Birth To Twins

Sophia Loren had twins with her husband Carlo Ponti. Here is a happy family image from 1976, with her sons Edoardo and Carlo Jr.

1 At The 67th Annual Festival Of Cannes

Sophia attended a photocall, representing Cannes Classic at the annual festival on May 21, 2014, in France.

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