Some people will do anything to make an extra buck. It turns out that the owners of a well-known supermarket in Kuwait were willing to do the same when their customers caught employees sticking plastic googly eyes on their fish.

People made several complaints about this, but the storeowners denied their involvement in this activity. They even tried to blame the fish’s suppliers.

No one bought these excuses and complained to the authorities about this predicament. After the authorities began investigating, they carefully looked at the market’s entire fish supply.

They concluded that most, if not all, of the fish, had artificial eyes. The supermarket had no other choice but to shut down, facing immense mockery and ridicule on social media as well.

What Was The Super Market’s Intention?

At first, no one was able to determine the supermarket’s intention. What would it have to gain by replacing original eyes with artificial ones?

Fortunately, the supplier, who the owners initially blamed, came forward and told the possible reason behind the store’s actions.

He claimed that the supermarket had low fish sales, which caused their inventory to become stale. Throwing away such a large amount of fish would result in a massive financial loss.

Instead, the store owners decided to deceive people by making their produce look fresh. They did this by replacing their fish’s stale yellow eyes with artificial ones that made them look new.

At first glance, these googly eyes look similar to the real thing. Plus, since the store decided to lower the prices, people started to buy it in bulk.

However, some customers noticed foul play as soon as they brought the fish home. Upon taking a closer look, they realized that not only did the fish have fake googly eyes, but it had a rotten stench.

The people tried to return their purchase, claiming that it wasn’t fresh, but the supermarket employees refused to refund their money or exchange the fish for a newer stock.

As one would expect, it caused massive outrage, which caused people to involve the authorities.

What Did The Authorities Do?

During a television interview, a police officer explained that his precinct received a telephone call from a disgruntled person ranting about fish and googly eyes.

The officers did not make much of it and thought that it was a prank call, something that the precinct received quite often. A few days later, however, the police station received multiple calls about a supermarket selling stale fish with fake eyes in them.

After receiving numerous calls, the officers went to the supermarket to investigate whether or not the complaints they received had any truth to them.

Upon arriving, they noticed that the fish was laying there the way people described it. The employees failed to attach some of the eyes correctly as they popped out from some of the fish.

Upon investigation, the store owners tried to blame the supplier. So, the policemen decided to visit him. However, he was quick to deny his involvement in any such thing.

He also had evidence that proved his innocence. Luckily, the supplier provided fish to multiple stores. He asked the officers to cross-check every store that sells his fish and see whether or not they have artificial eyes.

The policemen went to every shop and took a close look at every batch.

They realized that the supplier was telling the truth, and therefore, forced the convicted store owners to shut the shop down while imposing a hefty fine on them as well.

A Laughing Stock On Social Media

People were quick to ridicule the store’s cunning tactics.

Videos and images of the googly-eyed fish became an internet sensation. The competitors also chimed in on the social mockery in an attempt to attract the store’s customers.

One fish vendor even decided to edit the fish’s images with different contact lenses. The image became famous all over the internet and increased footfall in the vendor’s shop.

While fooling people into buying rotten fish by sticking fake eyeballs onto them seems like an incredibly silly idea, the fact is that a massive quantity of fish caught for consumption spoils away in stores.

By no way does this mean that supermarkets should stop sell it. However, this highlights a bigger problem at hand: overfishing.

While corporations will not admit to this, the problem is quite widespread. Kuwait is not the only country to have mountains of rotten fish in its supermarkets.

Governments should take action to make sure they preserve sea life and avoid wasting money and resources that occurs due to overfishing.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN published a report in 2018, where it stated that almost forty percent of fish captured for food usually spoils and goes to waste.

If this continues, we could see an overabundance of rotten fish in several stores. It could also cause some breeds to become extinct.

Such a massive waste of fish is a concerning cause for global food security.

Selling fish or any other item past their expiration date poses several health dangers for the consumer.

Health authorities should take all necessary measures to prevent vendors from selling rotten produce, which also includes fish.

Will The Closed Supermarket Reopen?

Since the incident happened quite recently, it is hard to imagine the supermarket opening any time soon. If the owners do get permission to reopen it immediately, it is hard to believe that their sales will go up quickly.

Most likely, the store will become a hotspot for protests, which could eventually cause the owners to seek another line of work or set up shop somewhere else.

Whatever the case may be, this predicament will serve as a stern reminder to everyone about the consequences of selling counterfeit supplies.

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