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8 /10 Late Payment

Lester failed to ask about the condition in which her daughters would be living.

He wasn’t aware of the insufficient number of beds for the people already in the house or that there were only three spoons to feed the entire family.

He agreed to leave her daughters with Gertrude. Things were pleasant enough for Sylvia and Jenny, but only during the first week.

When payment was late after a week, Gertrude took out her anger by spanking the girls’ bare bottom. Even when the money arrived the next day, the abuse escalated anyway.

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7 /10 Punches And Slaps

One day one of Gertrude’s children, Paula, hit Sylvia so hard on the jaw that Paula broke her wrist.

In early October, her parents visited, but Sylvia didn’t say anything about the abuse, most likely because Gertrude was there too. The beating and slapping became more frequent and sadistic when the parents left.

Gertrude and Paula were not the only abusers. Practically everybody in the house capable of raising their hands would physically assault Sylvia.

John Baniszewski and neighbor boys, including Dean Hobbs and Coy Hubbard, also joined the laceration game.


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