6 /10 No Report

Everyone took turns assaulting Sylvia, hurling her against the wall. Some began kicking her too. Sylvia was burned with cigarettes and matches, hit on the head with a broom, and whipped with a leather belt. 

Although neighbors heard screams and were supposedly aware of what was going on in the house, no one reported it to the police.

A nurse from a health department once visited the place to complain that a girl with open sores lived in the house. She was told that Sylvia was a runaway prostitute, and the nurse never followed up on the case.

5 /10 Tied Upstairs

Gertrude did not allow Sylvia to eat much, if any, forcing Sylvia to look for food in the garbage can. Later on, she was not even allowed to go outside at all; October 6 was her last day at school.

When a pastor dropped by to check on her, Gertrude told him that Sylvia had stolen things and was being kept at home as punishment.

At that time, Sylvia was tied to a bed upstairs, not allowed to use the bathroom and drink. The pastor left without seeing her first. He never came back.


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