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8 /10 Cassette Tape

It was 12:05 p.m. Tara was five minutes late. Doel went to look for her, but Tara was nowhere to be found along her usual route. Her mother also didn’t see her bike, so she contacted the police. She was reported missing within 5-hours.

The next day about three miles from home, Doel found a Boston cassette tape belonging to Tara by the side of the road as if she had dropped it while riding.

As the search continued, she found part of Tara’s Sony Walkman near a remote John F. Kennedy campground located 19 miles east of Highway 47.


7 /10 Dirty 1953 Ford Pickup Truck

Doel believed her daughter dropped the cassette and Walkman on purpose to mark her whereabouts. Near the cassette tape, some bike tracks and skid marks appeared to be also from a bicycle.

Some witnesses claimed to have seen either light gray or white 1953 Ford pickup truck attached with a handmade shell driving behind Tara during her bike ride.

It remains unclear whether the car was deliberately following her or just happened to be driving behind Tara.

The police suspected foul play in Tara’s disappearance but could not confirm the involvement of the truck driver.


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