As unlikely as it may seem, some people can earn more than a million dollar from businesses they run for just few years.

And we are not talking about venture capitalists or businesspeople who open new companies after making huge amount of money with their previous ones; we are not even talking about adolescents at all.

Instead the following list is filled with teenagers who have made enormous income from executing brilliant business ideas from scratch.

Some of them did get help from parents or family, but that doesn’t exclude them from the “self-made millionaire” category because their fortunes are not inheritance of any sort.

While most teenagers make money doing odd jobs during summer holiday or are still accepting allowance, some are determined and persistent enough to figure out and run lucrative businesses in their spare time.

Despite mountainous challenges ahead, a handful of them keep on going and will reap what they sow.

It has happened before, at least to the following people.

10 Juliette Brindak

With the massive variety of social websites these days, you’ve probably never heard of Miss O & Friends, but it does exist.

It was co-founded by Juliette Brindak, who now also sites as the Chief Executive Officer of the company.

Unlike its bigger competitors, Miss O & Friends is intended as an all-girl social networking site.

She started it as a hobby back in 2005 at the age of 16. As of 2012, the website’s value was estimated to be in the range of US$ 15 million.

9 Mark Zuckerberg

Now everybody knows who Mark Zuckerberg is. Before all the fame and fortune, he was not that much different from all his teenage peers, at least those who studied at Harvard University.

During his first year as student at the university in 2003, he created a website called Facemash.

Although the website was soon taken down, it led to the creation of what we know today as Facebook.

He was only 19 years and in his dorm room at that time, and as the website took off all around the world, money started pouring in.

8 Timothy Sykes

The penny stock trader, Timothy Sykes, is best known for earning US$ 1.65 million from day trading while attending Tulane University.

It all started when his parents gave him money in the amount of $12,415 that he then used for trading.

Sykes discovered that riding the momentum of trending stocks gave him the best performance.

He devised an effective way to trade penny stocks and ended up earning more than one and a half million from the initial capital while he was still a freshman.

7 Robert Mfune

This story has been repeated over and over again simply because it is indeed worth retelling.

Mfune started working in his youth; in fact, he worked two part-time jobs when he was 16.

One as a tea boy for a finance firm and another at McDonald’s.

Someone he met at the finance firm taught him a little bit about trading and so he began experimenting on his own.

Not long after his first trading practice, he managed to earn enough money to buy a gold-plated Bentley and few houses.

There has been a controversy whether his story actually is real or fake, but many (if not most) people in the world seem to believe it just fine.

6 Justin Bieber

A talent manager named Scooter Braun discovered a young boy from Canada on YouTube.

This boy was none other than Justin Bieber. After being signed to RBMG Records in 2008, Bieber’s popularity skyrocketed with seven songs on Billboard Hot 100. He became the first artist to do that in history.

He sold more than 150 million records, practically making him a millionaire in a very young age.

He was worth millions by the time he was 14, and now his estimated value is around US$ 265 million.

5 James Murray Wells

The former owner and executive chairperson of Prescription Eyewear Limited, James Murray Wells, started the business in 2004 while he still was a college student.

He had the idea of starting an eyewear business after figuring out that a pair of glasses that cost less than $9 was sold at a retail price of more than $185. In 2013, he sold the company to Cipio Partners.

At the time of the sale, the business had grown quite big that it employed more than 150 people.

Sale price was nearly a fantastic US$ 37 million. James Wells now sits as the Industry Head of Retail at Google UK.

4 Maddie Bradshaw

A simple school locker decoration could turn out to be a lucrative business, at least for Maddie Bradshaw.

Instead of using the item as is, she transformed it into a necklace pendant.

It is just like any ordinary necklace but with a metal pendant to magnetize bottle caps.

At the age of 16, Bradshaw sold more than 60,000 of such necklaces in a month, earning over US$ 1.6 million annually.

It does not sound very clever now, but what Bradshaw did was brilliant.

3 Catherine And David Cook

The Internet does change how people communicate with each other; MyYearbook was a prime example of it.

The social networking site has now changed name to MeetMe, but not before the original idea earned its creators a monumental amount of money.

It was the creation of siblings Catherine and David Cook, who brought the idea into reality in 2005 when they were still in high school.

It was an online networking site designed to help students meet with each other. In 2011, they sold it to QuePasa for US$ 100 million.

2 Tyler Dikman

At the age of 10, Tyler Dikman had his first computer as a birthday present from his parents.

He probably spent time playing with it for a while, and then he decided to take it apart and study everything he could about it.

About 5 years later, this teenager run a computer repair business that he called Cooltronics. The business grew and expanded.

Not only did it offered services to repair computers, but also sell and set up computers. From the business, he earned millions of dollars annually.

It was not an overnight success; he proved that a simple idea added with determination to continue learning could open the door to financial success.

1 Cameron Johnson

In 1994, a nine years old boy from Virginia made the first attempt at a business venture by creating invitations for events.

He started first with his own parents’ holiday party, and then word of his abilities spread all around.

Just two years later, he earned and saved thousands of dollars from selling greeting cards.

This startup was named Cheers and Tears.

In 1997 and after several other ventures, he started an online advertising company called, which provided scrolling advertisements across the top of web browsers.

Before high school graduation, his own personal assets were worth more than a million dollars.

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