The truth is, no matter how perfect a fiction content is, it cannot measure up to the perfection of a true-life event. Such is the case with every of the horror movies that have ever been produced.

One reason why a horror movie is more scary and terrifying than another is that it is based on true stories.

Not only do horror movies based on real-life events instill fear, but they are also more realistic than fiction based movies.

Here are 13 horror stories based on true life events.

13 The Conjuring

The Conjuring 1 and Conjuring 2 were based on the true-life experiences of Ed and Lorraine Warren. Ed was a demonologist, and his wife was the link with which he used to communicate with the demons.

Since their self-acclaimed relationship with demons and the establishment of the New England Society for Psychic Research in 1952, the couple gained a lot of clients.

The horror began when the Perron family moved into a farmhouse in Rhode Island in January 1971. Upon moving in, they reportedly began to hear strange noises, perceive odd smells, and even experience strange theft.

They, however, began to take the strange activities seriously when they found out that a number of the family who lived in the house in previous times, died under strange circumstances.

Later on, the Perron family found out that Bathsheba, a Satanist who lived on the property at a time, was the one tormenting them.

To restore peace in the home, Ed and Lorraine met with the family. In one of their Séance sessions, a demon-possessed Carolyn, Peron’s mother children, and she began to speak in demonic tongues.

History has it that the family kept experiencing the strange events until they moved out in the 80s.

Just as with the Perron’s, Warren also had a similar experience with the Hodgson family. However, the Hodgsons didn’t have to leave for the strange happenings to stop.

12 The Exorcist

The 1973’s movie ‘The Exorcist’ was based on the true-life story of a 13-year-old boy, Roland Doe, who began to experience different situations after the death of this aunt.

He could see his mattress move or see a liquid drop on the floor. His parents took him for exorcism, but the ritual could not be completed because Doe hit the priest with his mattress.

He was later taken to St Louis for another exorcism. During the exorcism, Doe became possessed and violent.

At a point, an ‘X’ mark surfaced on his chest, and that made the priest believe that ten different demons possessed him.

As that was also unsuccessful, he was taken to the Alexian Brothers Hospital in St. Louis for another exorcism. That exorcism at the hospital was his last.

11 Slender Man

Although the Slender man was a mythical addition to the horror folklore, it later became real when some girls claimed to have done certain strange things because they wanted to please ‘the slender man’ and show the world that he is real.

People began to run with the reality of ‘the slender man’ when a photograph featuring him was released on the internet. In 2014, some girls stabbed a 12-year-old girl 19 times to please the slender man.

In an interview with Washington post, one of the girls behind the attack stated, ‘Many people do not believe Slender Man is real.

We wanted to prove the skeptics wrong. Other situations include a 13-year-old girl who stabbed her mother and a 14-year old girl who started a fire in her house.

10 Open Water

When released in 2003, the terrifying movie, ‘Open Water,’ became the most-popular horror movie. It was terrifying because the root of the story was what could happen to anyone.

The movie was based on two couples, Tom and Eileen Lonergan, who left Port Douglas with a group of divers and never returned. Along with 24 divers, they dived the St. Crispin’s reef but didn’t return with others.

No one knew that they had gone missing until two days after the scuba diving session when the boat’s skipper saw their unclaimed belongings on the boat.

With that, a massive search was launched. During the search, they found a note written on a driving slate which read, ‘To anyone who can help us: We have been abandoned on Agin court reef Reef 25 Jan 1998 03 pm. Please help us rescue us before we die. Help!!!”

Sadly, their bodies were never found.

9 Annabelle

The 2014 horror movie was based on a 28-year-old lady who owned a doll that kept changing positions on its own.

Asides that, the lady and her roommate also found several strange notes that contained ‘Help me, help us’ in their room.

After experiencing different strange events, a medium told the ladies that the doll had been possessed by the spirit of a girl named Annabelle Higgins.

As an ‘expert’ in such cases, Lorraine Warren told USA Today, ‘Looks are deceiving. It is not what the doll looks like that makes it scary; it is what has been infused within the doll: evil.’

The Warrens collected the doll, sprinkled holy water on it, and placed it in their Occult Museum.

8 Amityville Horror

The Amityville Horror began with Ronald DeFeo Jr., who lived with his family at the haunted home on New York’s Long Island.

Ronald confessed to having killed his parents and siblings with a .35 caliber rifle.

With no one there to live, another couple, George and Kathy Lutz, bought the home.

However, their stay was short-lived when they kept experiencing inexplicable things caused by the people who died.

7 The Exorcism Of Emily Rose

The Exorcism of Emily Rose was born out of Anneliese Michel, who was diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy after experiencing mysterious blackouts like trances and convulsions.

Although she followed the doctor’s prescriptions, Michel was convinced of being possessed by a demon. She claimed to have seen and heard the demons.

Michel’s parent exorcism and within the space of 10months, two priests performed 67 exorcisms on her.

However, she didn’t survive the rituals and eventually died of malnutrition and dehydration because the demons inside her competed for power over her body during the process.

The priests and her parents were later charged with negligent homicide.

6 Bloody Mary

The infamous myth and childhood game was fashioned after the story of the first queen regent of England, Queen Mary I, who became a queen despite having a very rough childhood.

The queen, who was a devout Catholic, worked towards uniting the Catholics with the Protestants but fell off the hedge of Christian leadership when she signed an act that caused the death of Protestants – 240 men and 60 women.

She burned them at stake and was tagged ‘Bloody Mary’

Soon after, she went into depression because she felt that her childlessness was a result of her actions towards the Protestants.

She died unhappy at age 42. Legends believe one may see the long-dead queen if her name is chanted three times.

5 Scream

The stomach-churning, tongue-in-cheek comedy film, Scream was based on a man who terrorized a small Florida college town.

Although Danny Rolling was known to be violent and aggressive, the extent to which his anger could go was seen when he moved into Gainesville, Florida.

Amongst others, he broke into the home of two young college students, r*ped, stabbed them to death, and seductively posed their bodies for the Police to discover.

He also broke into the house of an 18-year-old girl, r*ped, killed her, and dismembered her body. His last victims were Trace Paules and Manuel Taboada, who he stabbed to death.

4 Valak, The Demon In The Nun

The name Valak was first mentioned in the grimoire titled, ‘The Clavicle of Solomon,’ a book containing conjurations, spells, ancient wisdom, natural secrets, and the names of 72 demons banished by King Solomon.

Amongst the names of the demon was Valak. The director of the movie, ‘Conjuring 2’, decided to portray a character (Valak) putting on a nun costume to create a conflict with the Catholic Faith.

Although the book had been placed in the ‘Indexes of Prohibited Books,’ it remains popular in Europe.

3 Psycho, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, And Silence Of The Lambs

Ed Gein, the demented murderer, is notably known as the inspiration behind the three most terrifying and horrific horror movies of all time.

His strange relationship with his mother and the use of dismembered human bodies serve as an inspiration for Norman Bates in Psycho, Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw, and Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs.

Gein had dreamed of different horrors that could ever happen to anyone when he learned from his mother that the world is inherently evil.

Later, Gein found a way to make things real by killing a couple of people. He didn’t want only murder people; he made chairs and home items from human skin, kitchen utensils from bones, masks from faces, and belt from nipples.

2 The Hills Have Eyes

The Hills Have Eyes was based on true stories of cannibalism. The movie drew inspiration from the mythical leader of a cannibalistic cult, Sawney Bean.

Legends believe that Sawney Bean lived in a cave with 50 family members who survived on murder and cannibalism.

His family was known for killing and eating lone travelers. However, their gruesome murders soon came to an end when Police discovered their location.

Having killed hundreds of people for years, Bean and each of his family members were sentenced to a slow and painful death.

1 Winchester

The 2018 horror film, Winchester, vividly explains how horror movies portray paranormal activities.

Centered on the heiress Sarah Winchester and her never-ending building of the Winchester mansion, Winchester portrays the haunted happenings in the grief-stricken heiress.

While Sarah has had a perfect life for years, her life shattered when her daughter and husband died a decade apart. Alone in the world, with so much wealth, Sarah ran to Connecticut to griefless.

While there, she began to build a mansion. She kept building over the building because she felt it was the only way to keep the spirits her family had killed away from her.

She kept constructing and deconstructing the mansion until she died in 1922. The mansion reportedly contained 200 rooms, 2000 doors, 47 fireplaces, and 10000 windows. Although the building still stands, many believe it to be haunted.

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