If we are to be honest, all of us have wished for a best “Friend” like Jennifer Aniston. The iconic diva, also the one who played “Rachel” in the most famous sitcom series the world has ever seen, has been a global sensation.

Ever since the sitcom first aired in 1994, Jennifer instantly became a trendsetter for more than reason. Even today, she leads the fashion industry, with her disciples faithfully following in her footsteps from all corners of the world.

Ever since Aniston flaunted her to-die-for locks in 1997 in Jay Leno’s Show, she became the goddess of the gorgeous locks. There was a time when females would visit hair salons and request “the Rachel locks.” Even today, Jennifer continues to lead the iconic hair trend.

With more than three decades in the industry, one would have expected an average human to crinkle and dull with age or at least show some signs of aging. Our gorgeous lady, however, seems to be getting younger and younger with age.

At 51 years of age, Jennifer Aniston appears to be in top shape more than ever, and we would give anything away to discover what her secret of youth is. But alas, while her magic potion remains out of our reach, let’s take a look at Jennifer’s journey over the years.

10 Jen's Beginning

Before she became one of our favorite Friends’ character, Rachel Green, Jennifer was known as Jeannie Bueller in NBC’s sitcom Ferris Bueller. The show was solely based around John Hughes’ 1986 film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

9 Her First Film

It’s almost certain that at some point every good actor has starred in some really campy B-horror film. That film for Jennifer was Leprechaun. The image was taken at the premiere in 1992, and her darker tones surely give off a scary movie feel for added effect.

8 The Show That Launched Her Career

Jennifer was propelled in household recognition after landing her role in Friends in 1994. To this day this sitcom is still talked about and highly regarded, and for very good reason.

7 Jennifer Reunites With Friends Squad

Jennifer shows how strong the “Friends Squad” still is despite the years they have have been together. The cast recently came together, wherein Lisa and Courtney encouraged Jennifer to get back into the dating game.

6 A Starry-Eyed Jennifer

Here is Jennifer’s ultra-romantic look from her movie “The Object of My Affection” from 1998. While most hoped the onscreen romance with costar Paul Rudd would turn into reality too, unfortunately for fans, the two actors went no further than being colleagues.

5 A 29-Year-Old Vision In White

Jennifer set off the midi trend, with her gorgeous white midi at the GLAAD Media Awards in 1998. A sight to behold!

4 Leading In Black At 34 Years Of Age

Jennifer gained success far and wide from her character of Rachel. She won the Golden Globe Award in 2003.

3 All Sparkles At 36

Jennifer teaches us that divorces can be a good thing. She exudes radiance in her sparkly number at the “Derailed” premiere in 2005. She gives us flawless hairstyle goals yet again, and her muscular form is just to-die-for.

2 Hot In Halter

Jennifer looks smoking hot at the premiere of “The Break-up” in 2006. She continues to only look better and better as she ages gracefully.

1 Jennifer Aniston - 51 In 2020 And Still Trendy

Jennifer Aniston’s red carpet glam has not dimmed even slightly over all the years. At the age of 51, she still teaches us how to appear chic and on-trend quite effortlessly. This beauty seems to be getting better and better with age. One can’t help but wonder how many fashion wonders she still has up her sleeves. Well, looks like only time will tell.

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