Can you imagine having a pair of arms so big that you can wrap a full-size basketball with just one hand, leg muscles bewilderingly massive that you can pedal a bicycle fast enough to power a toaster, hair longer than an adult male giraffe, or a tongue you can use as paint brush?

You probably can, especially after reading the following stories.

The world is indeed full of peculiarities.

You cannot expect anything less from a planet inhabited by billions of people.

In the past it would take months if not years until someone’s unique story reached the newspaper and received the much-deserved attention.

But these days news travels fast; even a mildly interesting story will be posted to social media and then reposted by hundreds of different people within just short span of time that you know about anything happening in every corner of the world just by opening an app.

It is only fair to say that this is now the right moment for these people’s stories to once again resurface.

10 Nick Stoeberl

The man from Monterey, California named Nick Stoeberl is the current Guinness World Record holder for the world’s longest tongue, measuring at an impressive 3.97 inches from the tip to the middle of the closed top lip.

Apparently, Stoeberl’s tongue is hefty enough that he can use it as a paint brush as well.

He would cover the tongue with plastic, dip the tip into a color, and use it to make paintings.

A tongue is supposed to be used for more subtle activities like eating and talking, but if yours is that long, painting sounds like a plausible idea.

9 Robert “Quadzilla” Forstemann

Born March 5, 1986, Robert Forstemann is a German cyclist who specializes in sprint division.

He also was a world champion in Team Sprint in 2010.

His achievements as professional cyclist should be enough to send him to fame, but as it turned out the world needed to see his massive leg muscles first.

In July 2012, a photograph of Forstemann’s legs made its way to the media in July 2012 during the Summer Olympics.

It showed his massive thighs, which back then measured at a circumference of 29 inches. Later on, a circumference of 34 inches has been recorded too.

The legs earned him the nickname “Quadzilla” and it sounds pretty accurate.

8 Moustafa Ismail

If Robert Forstemann has the leg muscles of a giant, Moustafa Ismail has biceps almost as massive.

Ismail is an Egyptian man based in Milford, Massachusetts with upper arms that measure 31 inches around; that is as big as the waist of a small man.

He has insisted that the massive biceps are all natural and he has never taken any illegal drugs or done artificial methods to bulge the upper arms.

Instead he eats seven pounds of protein and nine pounds of carbohydrate every single day, in addition to drinking three gallons of water and hours of daily exercise at the gym.

7 Maci Currin

When Maci Currin was born, she measured at 19 inches long, or just slightly longer than the average full-term newborn.

As the girl from Austin, Texas reached 18 months of age, she experienced a series of growth spurs that would change many things in her life.

She was already 2’11” at that point, which was much taller than the average child her age.

Fast forward to 2019 when she was 16 years of age, she was 6’9” tall already.

Considering that she is still a teenager, chances are there would be several more inches to come in the near future.

Her legs alone measure at 53 inches (or 4.42 feet) long.

6 Xie Qiuping

Born in 1960, Xie Qiuping is the current Guinness World Record holder for the world’s longest hair measuring at 18 feet 5.54 inches long (5.627 meters), and that was on May 8, 2004 (more than 16 years ago) when the length was verified by Guinness.

At that length, the hair actually is taller than an adult male giraffe. Qiuping began growing her hair in 1973 at the age of 13.

If you haven’t had a proper haircut for more than four decades, perhaps you can claim the record for yourself.

5 Sarwan Singh

On November 13, 2008, three judges had the privilege of taking the official measurement of beard length belonging to a man named Sarwan Singh.

It was necessary to do so, because he wanted to be recognized as the person with the longest beard in the world and took over the then record holder Shamsher Singh.

Ultimately, Guinness did give the recognition as Sarwan’s beard measured at 8 feet 2.5 inches long when it was then verified by the organization in British Columbia, Canada.

4 Sultan Kosen

A Turkish farmer, herder, and most certainly public figure, Sultan Kosen, stands at 8 feet 2.82 inches, which makes him the current Guinness World Record holder for the tallest living man.

Kosen suffers from a condition known as acromegaly that causes a tumor in his pituitary gland, and as a result he never stops growing.

Starting in 2010, the Virginia Medical School has been providing treatment and medication for Kosen to control hi excessive level of growth hormone.

In 2012, it was confirmed that the treatments had been effective.

3 Jeff Dabe

Born in 1963, Jeff Dabe was just a normal happy healthy boy, except for one thing: his forearms were much larger than the average child.

The unusually large hands just kept on growing with him, making him like real-life Popeye. Doctors couldn’t find any single explanation about the condition.

Later on scientists at the University of Minnesota looked for signs of gigantism or any medical condition that may cause Dabe’s massive hands, but they couldn’t find any either.

Apparently he is just blessed with superhuman-like forearms, measuring at 49cm in circumference.

He competes in arm wrestling, of course.

2 Shridhar Chillal

An Indian man once held the world record for the longest fingernails on a single hand, with a combined length of 358.1 inches or more than 9 meters long.

His name is Shridhar Chillal, born in 1963, from the city of Pune, India.

The longest one was the thumbnail, measuring at 77.87 inches. He decided to stop cutting his fingernails in 1952 to reach the then impressive length.

However in July 2018, Chillal (unsurprisingly) had his fingernails cut using a power tool.

Due to the weight of the fingernails, he suffered from various medical problems including loss of function in the left hand, disfigurement of his fingers, and nerve damage leading to deafness in his left ear.

1 Mehmet Ozyurek

Human nose is more than a flap of flesh on the front of the face.

It is an important part of human anatomy that inhales oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide.

It also contributes to other crucial functions such as tasting and hearing.

Noses come in various size and shapes, but men generally have bigger noses than women.

A man from Turkey named Mehmet Ozyurek actually has a bigger nose than just about anyone, because his measures at a whopping 3.46 inches from the bridge to the tip.

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