Some movies like the movie Annabelle are among the movies inspired by these two investigators’ cases, Ed and Warren.

Among the famous investigators globally, these two go down in history as the popular investigators of paranormal events and horrific happenings.

Ed and Lorraine were a couple, and they tied the knot In 1952 and later became couple goals.

The two were a couple of goals because they carried out investigations together, research, and an occult museum together.

The museum Was horrific because it had psychic research tools, satanic objects, and some horrific artifacts that seemed demonic.

They used the museum as the center of serving their basic operations.

Investigating thousands of cases in a day, their career surpassed all careers nurses, doctors even police needed their help too, so their career had a lot of weight.

Their investigations were involving unusual and strange phenomena.

Most events entailed horrific scenes that, at times, involved satanic or disturbing events.

When Lorraine was interviewed one time, she said that she used to have psychic traits and saw auras on people’s faces ever since she was eight years.

She was scared that her parents would think that she was going crazy, so she kept it a secret.

After meeting her husband, who had similar traits, she felt quite normal, and they met when she was sixteen years.

They clicked, and both felt that they had something in common.

They shared experiences, and Ed told her that he lived in a haunted house since a tender age.

They put their talents together, and they started investigating paranormal and events entailing being haunted by demons, among other things.

They grew stronger in love through their investigations, and they would spend hours working and sleepless nights.

Annabelle Doll’s Case

You may have probably heard about this story of Annabelle’s doll.

Inside their occult museum, Ed and Lorraine have a doll called Annabelle locked inside a glass box.

The doll scares many and Warren’s son in law said among all the horrific items in the museum he is scared most of the doll.

It may seem to be a normal doll, but it’s scary, their son in law added.

Per the reports, this doll was a gift to a nurse who was 28 years old but as soon as she received it, she realized that this doll was changing positions.

Stranger events took place in their house after the doll came to their house, and they didn’t have any parchment paper in their room.

The doll started shifting and being seen in different rooms. When you looked at the doll keenly, it had blood leaking from its face.

These got even scarier as the doll was like a roaming spirit in their house.

After the scary events, they started getting notes with her roommate that read, help me help us, and things got creepier. Something was not right with this doll.

The roommates sought help from a medium who told them that the doll had been possessed by the evil spirit of a girl that was known as Higgins Annabelle.

Lorraine and Ed took over the case in their investigations of weird happenings, and they evaluated the doll.

They concluded that any evil spirit didn’t possess the doll. An inhuman presence was manipulating the doll.

The spirit inside the doll had an urge to possess a human being as the host and couple took the doll from the nurse to their museum, where it would be safer.

The doll was minded in prayer inside the glass casing, and it stays in the museum.

The doll has been acting mischievously even in the museum as a couple stated that after visiting the museum, they made fun of the doll while leaving the museum and got in a grisly motorcycle accident.

Perron Family’s Case

After the four finished dealing with Annabelles’ case, they landed on other cases that were high profiled.

The Perron family had moved to a new house, and they are the inspiration of the movie called the conjugal.

You may have watched the movie, and it’s a true story based on the story of the Perron’s family, terrific and horrifying, but the story itself is even scarier.

The situation in Perron’s family started as soon as they moved to a farmhouse where their broom went missing, and later the situation escalated.

The house had fledged spirits, and the previous owners of the house had stayed in the house for eight years, and many died as others drowned, committed murder, and the events unfolded differently.

Warren took over the case and began investigations of determining what was happening in the house.

They found out that the spirit haunting the house was Bathsheba’s spirit.

A woman lived on the property in the eighteenth century, and she was a satanist that murdered her neighbors’ child.

The spirit from then claimed to be the mother of that house and reset any form of competition, so it haunted new residents in the house.

Many spirits in the house made their beds smell like rotten flesh, and the family avoided going to their basement because it had a stink of the cold presence of some evilness.

The house generally had weird and frightening events unfolding to the residents who moved in the house.

Prayers and forms of exorcism were conducted in the house, and the evil spirit finally left.

The haunting events in the house came to an end after the breakthrough.

Amityville’s Horror Case

Many investigations were carried out on the Amityville horror case where there was a murder or homicide In the house of defeos family.

Their eldest child killed everyone in the house while they were in bed, and it became evident that their house was being haunted.

The family had just moved to a new house, and they believed demons were haunting their house.

The family had seen strange things, and they saw the wife being turned to an old ninety-year-old woman.

They saw a pig coming out of their walls, and other unsettling events occurred in their house.

Prayers and fasting helped a lot as they walked in their house carrying a crucifix.

These horrific events shook the family as prayers failed to work to some extent.

The house was filled with demons even after Ed and Warren’s investigations.

They saw strange events unfolding when they went to access the house’s situation, but they managed to help the family get rid of the demons.

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