You will not come across natural sights more surreal than what the Lake Eerie and Lake Michigan have in store for you. Numerous frozen lighthouses are present there and each of them is a sight to behold.

The serenity and mystique that surround these eerie yet beautiful lighthouses is unlike any other thing that you will come across.

The reason why these lighthouses in particular standout from any other sight in the world is because the rough winter storms that occur in their locations occur quite regularly, the temperature is chilly enough to create accidental sculptures of ice that seem like they were made deliberately. There are tons of such sculptures that that surround these Lakes.

You can thank the will and determination of some photographers for getting to see these sculptures in all their natural beauty, as without them and their pursuit of art and beauty, not a lot of people would have been able to witness these lighthouses.

The photographers have to encounter rough weather conditions and treacherous obstacles in their path.

Some even have to navigate through icy and thick terrains in order to capture frost covered monuments, glacial surfaces, and humongous icicles.

They even take a step further to take pictures from different angles making sure that people get to feast their eyes upon the wonders that this world has to offer.

What makes these lighthouses so picturesque is the stunning natural backdrop and the isolation that surrounds them. A quick peak at them and you will feel the chilly weather conditions depicted in the photograph from afar.

South Bend, Indiana’s Thomas Zakowsky is one of the main photographers who has received praise for his stylistic shots of these lighthouses. He travels to South Haven and St. Joseph only for the purpose of taking pictures of the latest natural lighthouse artwork every single year.

North Pierhead Lighthouse In Manistee

Although there are tons of beautiful lighthouses that inhabit the deep and chilly waters of Lake Michigan, this lighthouse in particular is a wondrous sight.

Manistee’s North Pierhead Lighthouse offers boaters a safe place to say. It is also a great part of the excellent maritime history of Manistee.

Created during 1860, the lighthouse initially burned down because of the infamous Great Fire. After that, they developed another one during 1872.

However, the new lighthouse did not replicate the previous one – it also had a light tower along with a fog signal at the wooden north pier’s end.

One of the best things about the new light is that it offers a lot of safety when the weather is too stormy. It also has an elevated catwalk made from wood.

This catwalk is a rarity in Michigan as most of the other lighthouses present their broke their catwalks after lights started running with electricity.

During the later period of 1920s, the structure that we see today replaced the renowned fog signal building that is the reason for the popularity of the North Pier Lighthouse.

Point Betsie Lighthouse

This is perhaps the oldest structure that you will come across in Benzie County.

This lighthouse is quite significant as it provides an entrance to the county’s underwater preserve. Commercial vessels do not use this plane any longer, but the lighthouse’s light is still functional and aids the United States coast guard for navigation.

The lighthouse is also considered to be a significant landmark for landlubbers and mariners.

Created in 1858, the Point Lighthouse is instantly recognizable because of its shiny white tower and keeper house. A black lantern and red roof tops the tower.

The visually appealing structure of this lighthouse makes it hard to miss for mariners and the coast guard. The PointBetsie lighthouse is always open for tourists. People can even rent the quarters on a weekly basis.

St. Joseph North Pier Lighthouse

This picturesque lighthouse has been in the limelight for thousands of times. People share it on their social media, see it in the news, read about it in articles, and various other things.

The intimidating thousand feet height of this lighthouse is perhaps its most standout feature. Add to that, the icy sculptures present on it and you have something to feast your eyes on for hours.

The St. Joseph North Pier Lighthouse is not functional any more as it went obsolete around 1859. It does have outer and inner lights that are still completely operational.

They come in handy for shippers who have lost their way in the dark. Many consider this lighthouse’s white lights to be a major landmark of Michigan.

Although there is no access to these lights, locals and visitors do have the permission to walk the pier around it and take a closer look at the lights.

East Channel Lighthouse in Grand Island

Created in 1868, the East channel light in Grand Island offers a sight to behold. The light is quite difficult to see because of the wilderness that surrounds this lighthouse. In addition, the maintenance of this Lighthouse proved quite difficult because of its light wooden structure.

The authorities decommissioned the lighthouse during the 1900s after which it did not get the attention it used to.

The reason for the neglect is that people believed the lighthouse might away because of erosion.

Later on however, a dedicated committee restored the lighthouse.

After this restoration, photographers and travellers from different parts of the world come to Michigan only to see the East Channel Lighthouse in Grand Island.

Its weathered and rustic appearance is the main reasons behind its strange yet beautiful look.

Although its light is not accessible for travelers and owned privately, people can still get a glimpse of the beauty it has to offer through various boat cruises nearby.

Suffice to say, Lake Michigan has a lot to offer to its visitors.

You will find various other lighthouses besides the ones mentioned above. They are equally stunning and look like something you’d see at a fancy art museum.

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