When Albert was growing, he was tossed around many orphanages and foster care homes because his family was unstable.

The first orphanage he went to was at John’s orphanage, Jn the Brooklyn avenue of Albany. He spent much of his time in this orphanage where most of the kids would be beaten daily.

Caretakers at orphanages are harsh sometimes; hence in this orphanage, he was beaten severely among other kids.

The kids were hurting each other, often under the influence of caretakers, and this gave all of the fear.

Fish was among the kids, and he grew up facing the terror and evil of the world at a young age.

These traumatic scenes gave him more rage and passion for revenge to let out the pain on their hearts.

While growing up in the orphanage, the pain that came with the mistreatment in the orphanage gave him the sense of enjoying the pain.

The beatings they received in the orphanage were severe, and he learned creepier acts like consumption of human waste and s*xual activities like sodomy, among others.

He even became obsessed with mutilating his s*xual organs and injuring his groin area using scissors and needles.

That’s a sign that he was an emotionally disturbed child; hence he, later on, tried to hurt other people mercilessly after going through such painful episodes of childhood it’s obvious that he would end up being a creep.

How Albert Fish Became A Danger To Society?

After going through a tough childhood and horrific times, fish met a lover called Thomas, and they had a gay relationship. He later realized that his lover had some intellectual disability.

Ten days after the relationship vegan, fish was already torturing Thomas, and he locked him in a farmhouse where later on, Albert mutilated his genitals and left him with ten billion dollars for the damages.

After the incident, fish fled the town, and by this time, he showed several signs of mental illnesses.


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