Military services and branches were (and still are for the most part) traditionally men’s exclusive fields.

Whether in the frontline of battlefields or offices in headquarters, men continue to disproportionately dominate the armed forces of just about every country in the world.

Traditional gender roles often make people nervous about putting women and daughters in harm’s way. Home, instead of the frontline, is the best place for mothers and daughters.

For some nations, it can be politically complicated to indiscriminately enlist men and women in the military too, let alone sending female personnel to a combat.

That being said, growing numbers of women are willing to serve on the frontlines of military conflicts.

Some nations now allow women to enlist in the military, although there can be limitations on roles and responsibilities.

Female soldiers’ uniforms and circumstances may differ, but they cite similar reasons for joining armed forces: they want to serve their countries and show that they are equally confident and competent as their male counterparts.

The inclusion of women inevitably bring something new to landscape of armed forces: s*xiness and beauty.

Regardless of how persistently anyone tries to deny the fact, women make the military even more admirable for perhaps an entirely different reasons. Here are some countries with the most beautiful soldiers.

10 United States

Ever since the Congress established the Army Nurse Corps in 1901, women have served as official part of the U.S. military, albeit in noncombat situations.

In this particular military branch, the women are working as nurses, logistical staff, radio operators, and more recently tank mechanics and pilots.

Now in times when terrorist attacks and ethnic clashes happen pretty often, many U.S. women soldiers often find themselves in combats thousands of miles away from the comfort of home.

Now with approximately 200,000 female soldiers in the United States, there are bound to be some s*xiness around.

9 Czech Republic

There are over 100 different military specialties for women in the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic.

In addition to the typical military training regime that involves tanks, weapons, dirt, and trenches, female soldiers also are registered in specialized educational institutions, medical personnel, clothing services, food, communication units, and so on.

You will find women soldiers performing military duties in traditional sense and also those whose roles are more limited to medical, logistical, and administrative works.

8 United Kingdom

Many female soldiers serving in the British Armed Forces are beautiful enough to win a beauty contest.

Women have been historically active members of the British Armed Forces although their roles were pretty much limited to support duties. However, they were given full military status, as opposed to volunteers, in 1941.

Combat roles remained closed to women in the British military until 2018 when Gavin Williamson, the then U.K. Defense Secretary, lifted the ban altogether meaning now all roles in the military are open to women.

7 Serbia

In the past, Serbian women struggled to find their places in the military, but now they are indispensable parts of the countries armed forces.

Several women are known to have fought in the Balkan Wars and World War I, but they did that by hiding their gender.

As a matter of fact, the most decorated female combatant in the entire history of warfare is a Serbian woman named Milunka Savić.

Now women can enroll at the Military Academy and more are recruited into the Serbian Armed Forces, not as volunteers, but professional soldiers.

6 Spain

In November 2018, the Spanish Army General Headquarters in Madrid presented its 2019 Army calendar featuring only female soldiers of the country.

The calendar was produced by the Army Communication Department, and meant to be a tribute to all women in the armed forces.

The presentation also took place on occasion of the 30th anniversary of women admission to the Spanish Armed Forces.

Last year, Spanish Army also appointed its first female general.

Spain is known as a country filled with some of the most beautiful women in the world, so there is good chance that the Armed Forces also have a fair share of that beauty.

5 Greece

Similar to many other countries, Greece’s Hellenic Armed Forces are comprised of the ground, naval, and air forces.

The entire organization consists of the Hellenic Army, the Hellenic Navy, the Hellenic Air Force, and the Hellenic National Defense General Staff.

Also like in other countries, the military is almost exclusively male. Under Greek law, all men over 18 years of age must serve in the Armed Forces for 9 months.

Women can also serve, but only voluntarily, and they cannot be conscripted.

4 Israel

During the Israeli war of independence in 1948 and Suez Crisis in 1956, some women served various positions in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) including infantry and transport pilots.

In fact, Israel is one of very few countries where it is mandatory for women to serve in the military.

Women have taken roles in the country’s armed forces even before the founding on the state in 1948.

There are active female soldiers, including in combat positions, in IDF. About 65 percent of Israeli women serve in the army.

3 Sweden

There are currently no gender restrictions in the Swedish military, meaning men and women are allowed to serve in all positions in the countries armed forces, including combat.

The regulation was first established in 1989, but it has been further reinforced in 2010 with the abolition of male-only conscription in favor of gender-neutral system.

Beginning in 2018, Swedish law demands that men and women do military service.

Female soldiers made up about 15 percent of soldiers in training and about 7 percent of professional military officer.

2 Romania

The armed forces of Romania are comprised of the Land Force, Naval Force, and Air Force.

While they might not be able to compete with the more developed nations in terms of firepower and combat experience, the Romanian Armed Forces should be proud of their female soldiers.

Swedish female military personnel make up about 4 percent of the Romanian Armed Forces; this may not sound like much but the number is likely to increase in the coming year so there will be more beauties to come.

1 Russia

Women also serve in Russian military. In this part of the world, soldiers are often positioned in places with harsh climate conditions, but it only makes them stronger, better, more skillful combatants.

If in other countries women serve in the military partly due to feminism and the drive to prove that they are equal to male soldiers, in Russia women choose to be soldiers in search for better living conditions.

There are around 160,000 female soldiers in the Russian Army, representing 10 percent of the entire countries’ military strength.

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