Separating the dangerous people from the rest of society, prison is undoubtedly one of the greatest human inventions of all time. However, several unusual cases have revealed that the supposed impenetrable walls of prisons have failed to keep criminals in check as some criminals have been able to find a way to escape their fate.

Over time, there have been several cases of prisons break by hardened criminals and not low brow thieves who, by accidents, found themselves behind bars.

These people who have found a way to escape these correctional facilities are known to be extremely dangerous people. And that is the main reason several people have questioned the abilities of correctional officers who prove to be less smart than these criminals as most of these criminals commit more dangerous and life-threatening crimes after escaping from prisons.

As dangerous as these people are, you would wonder how smart they are to plan and successfully carry out a prison break.

You will wonder how meticulous and strategic they would have been to be able to carry out such a dreadful operation.

Even though the crime of breaking out is despicable, there is no way you wouldn’t admire the determination, hard work, and cunningness invested in carrying out the escape plan.

Sometimes an escape plan could be as simple as bribing top officials and conniving with the right people. It could also be as difficult as finding intelligent inmates to hatch elaborate crime plans. No need mincing words, these guys are good!

It’s just so sad and surprising that sociopaths, serial killers, and those who commit unimaginable crimes possess very high IQs.

With life in prison being the payment for crime, the following people almost got away from facing the law.

10 El Chapo: Most Powerful, Most Feared Man In Mexico

Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman is by far known as the most dangerous and terrifying man in Mexican history. For many years, he was known as the most powerful man in the Mexican cartel.

He didn’t only become famous for his brutal crimes; he became more famous for breaking out of prison. For many years, he was head of Sinaloa Cartel. He also ran a drug empire where he smuggled about 500 tons of cocaine into the United States alone, which caused the death of a lot of people.

For his crimes, he was captured in 2001, but he escaped in a laundry cart after bribing prison officials. In 2013, he was caught, but he escaped through a large tunnel that led straight to his prison shower. In January, he was caught again and was sentenced to Life in Prison in 2019.

9 Richard Matt And David Sweat: Killers Digging Extensive Prison Tunnels

In the history of the prison break, these two convicted killers planned and hatched one of the most daring, strategic, and smart escape plans. In 1986, Richard Matt climbed over the wall and escaped from Erie County Correctional Facility, where he was placed to serve a one-year sentence for violent attacks.

A few days later, he was recaptured and then freed after he had completed his sentence. Years after, he killed his boss by breaking his neck with his bare hands and was imprisoned for it.

He met David Sweat, another killer in prison, and they were matched together in a room. A few months after, they smuggled digging tools, including hacksaw and dug an extensive tunnel through steel walls. These walls led to a maintenance hole in Dannemora, New York.

They escaped and were on the run for days. Days after the escape, they were shot by the police. Richard Matt didn’t survive, David Sweat did.

8 John Dillinger: Smuggled Guns Into Prison

During the American Depression Era, John Dillinger was one of the popular gangsters who were famous for robbing banks. By the end of his robbing career, he had robbed 24banks.

During one of his operations, he shot a policeman to death. He was sentenced to some years in prison, but he dared to break out just as he broke into all those banks

While in Allen Country jail in Lima, John met six other like-minded criminals and led them in the plan to escape from the prison.

He had found a way to plan with his gang outside the prison bars to smuggle in gangs. Upon receiving the message, his gang members dressed as police officers showed up at the correctional facility with the claim to have been ordered to extradite John.

They got to secure his way out of the prison while shooting anyone who interrupted. A year later, he was captured and placed in an ‘escape proof’ prison, but to date, no one knows e how John had escaped the Crown Point jail. Some said he had escaped with a gun in his hands while the FBI filed that it was a fake pistol carved out of a potato. 

John settled for plastic surgery to avoid being identified while on the run. But he was shot dead in a theatre during a shootout.

7 Richard Lee McNair: The Serial Killer

Richard was a murderous criminal whose prison breaks became more popular than his crimes. Some of his crimes include killing a man in a clumsy robbery and shooting a man four times.

For his crimes, he was sent to three prisons at different times, but he broke out of all. His first escape was at Minot municipal police station; his second attempt was at North Dakota prison, where he escaped through a ventilation duct with two other inmates.

He was on the run for 10months until the police recaptured him and transferred him to a US prison in Louisiana. Years later, he successfully planned and hatched his final escape by wrapping himself in an escape pod with a breathing tube. The pod was then mailed out of the facility with no stress.

Richard is known as the only criminal who has ever ‘mailed himself out of prison’ successfully. After some years, he relocated to Canada but was recaptured and sent back to the US, where he is now held in one of the most-secured parts of the prison.

6 Rodney Halblower: Jumped Over The Fence

Rodney was arrested for raping a blackjack dealer but was later out on bail. Rather than mend his ways, the criminal leveraged his freedom to r*pe and murder over six (6) women in San Francisco. Later on, he went to Nevada to stand trial for the r*pe and behaved as though he never killed anyone while out. He was locked behind bars.

For the first time, he escaped during a softball game, and the second time he climbed a wall to escape along with another s*x offender, cutting through the fence as they made their way out.

While out, Rodney went back into committing crimes as he stabbed a woman 19 times in an attempt to steal her purse. Unfortunately for him, the woman survived, and he was sent to prison again. When he was released in 2013, his DNA samples were taken, and the officers realized he was the one behind those murders.

5 Earle Nelson: Escaped

Earle Nelson is famous for his killings and the ability to plan a jailbreak. Ever since he sustained a head injury that left him in a coma for 6days, when he was a child, Nelson had never remained the same. He was taken to several mental hospitals, but there was no improvement, and Earle was always breaking out of the mental facility.

At a time, he attempted to molest a 12-year old girl but was caught and sent to another psychiatric hospital. Despite warnings, he kept breaking out of medical facilities until he was finally released.

After his release, he killed 26 people, mostly ladies, and had s*xual intercourse with their dead bodies, then hid them under the bed.

He was caught, and he escaped again using a rusty nail. Immediately he broke out; he unknowingly boarded a train filled with police officers. He was arrested again and was finally hung in 1928.

4 Lyda Trueblood: Model Inmate

Lyda happens to be the only woman on this list. Yet, it’s a wonder how she had been able to kill so many men and hatched so many escape plans.

People began to see Lyda as a strange woman when she moved from one man to another until the fourth one because each family she built died of a mysterious sickness. After the death of her last husband, the police found out that he had been killed by arsenic poisoning. They tried to arrest Lyda, but before they could, she had fled to California, where she got married to another man.

Lyda’s plot with each of these men was simple – she would ask them to get her life insurance policy, kill them, and flee with the money. 

Lyda was arrested and sentenced to prison. But when she got to jail, she broke out through her jail window. She was later rearrested when trying to convince her sixth man.

3 Bartolomeo Gagliano: Allowed To Visit Sick Mother

So many people lost their lives because the Italian police kept underestimating the killer instinct in Bartolomeo Gagliano.

He committed his first murder in 1981 when he killed a pr*stitute and was sentenced to 8 years in an asylum. While serving his sentence, he escaped the facility, went to kidnap an entire family, got caught, and was placed in another asylum to continue his sentence. He would later escape the asylum again with the help of another patient in the mental facility.

While on the run, he killed two people and almost murdered a female pr*stitute before he was captured and sent back to the asylum.

His trouble with the law didn’t end after he finished serving his sentence, he was sent to prison for extortion where nobody knew about his previous acts, including the police. So he was allowed to visit his sick mother. Upon getting out of prison, he ran away but was recaptured and returned to a more secure cell. Bartolomeo Gagliano later committed suicide in his cell.

2 Ted Bundy: Escaped Through The Window

American history has witnessed the brutality of the serial killer – Tee Bundy, and he would go down in history as one of the most famous serial killers. He was first arrested and charged to court for kidnapping, but he jumped out of the window in the courtroom library when asked to go to prepare his defense.

Days later, he was recaptured and sent to prison, but again, he escaped through a tiny hole in his cell’s ceiling. While on the run, he beat two women to death and injured others in a sorority house. Afterward, he went to another house to beat a student. Then he kidnapped and killed a 12-year old girl.

All his victims were either assaulted or r*ped. For some, he made love with their dead bodies. Bundy was captured, and his reign of terror ended in 1989 when he was executed on an electric chair.

1 Shaun Colin Walmsley: Escaped With The Help Of His Gang

Shaun Colin is probably the most disturbing and despicable criminal on this list. He is not the worst because of his crimes but because he is still out there. He had bagged 30 years in prison because he stabbed a rival drug dealer to death.

Shaun escaped from the hospital or was instead taken away; no one could ascertain what caused Shaun to be at the hospital in need of medical care.

But, Shaun managed to get the word out that he would be at the hospital, and two of his most faithful gang members came to the hospital. Armed with guns and knives, the gang members threatened to kill the police officers and doctors if Shaun wasn’t released. They released him, and the men drove off in Volkswagen golf.

To date, no one knows Shaun’s location. He could have been killed or made to work for the gang. Killers are escaping every day. No one prays to meet any!

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