His life outside the field was erratic to use a mild term. In April, 2007, he was involved in a bar fight in Florida, but the matter was hushed up on account of him being a rising football star.

Five months later, he was accused of a double homicide, but although one witness initially identified him as the perpetrator, the matter was later dropped.

The Chance Of A Lifetime

In 2010, the New England Patriots took a gamble recruiting the young Hernandez, who was, indeed, a great player with an impressive record, but who was also seen as a high-risk investment because of his drug problem and his wild character.

The time spent with the New England Patriots was the best of his short life. He promised to give up on drugs and undergo regular testing, but it is unclear if this ever happened.

All that mattered were results, and his performance with the Patriots was so good that by the end of the second season, in 2012, he was offered $40 million for a five-year contract.

Tragically, over the next five years, Hernandez would be making the headlines with his criminal trial, not with his athletic performance.

The Charges Against Aaron Hernandez

The troubles started one month before the signing of that fabulous contract, in July, 2012, when Hernandez was at a Boston nightclub where he had a brawl with two men who were shot dead a few hours later.

Hernandez was later charged with the murder of Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado, and the reason for the fatal shooting is mind-boggling.

According to the prosecution, one of the two victims, Daniel de Abreu, accidentally bumped into Hernandez, spilled his drink, and did not apologize. Later, Hernandez shot but failed to kill the only witness who linked him to the murder.

However, by the time he was charged with the double murder in 2014, Aaron Hernandez was already in jail, awaiting trial for the killing of Odin Lloyd. Odin Lloyd was a semi-pro football player and a friend of Hernandez.

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Lloyd was dating the sister of the famous player’s fiancee, and they frequently partied together.

They had been partying together on June 17, 2013, and a few hours later, Lloyd’s bullet-ridden body was discovered in an industrial park in North Attleboro, Massachusetts, half a mile from Hernandez’s home. 

According to witnesses, Lloyd was last seen alive in a car with Hernandez and two associates of him.


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